Review – Stargate Universe – Cloverdale

You'd faint too if you had to deliver this dialogue.

This week:
Characters I don’t like are main players in stories told multiple times already in the Stargate franchise, only with the subtle retelling of a hammer on a date with an egg.

The arrangement at the end of the ep was ok, at least it wasn’t woefully depressing.
Mildly interesting outcome though entirely predictable from the first few moments of the ep.

Standalone ep in a series whose arc has stalled.
No minor character development.
Yet another hallucination story.
Colonel Young worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Stupid portrayal of women yet again.
No Lucian Alliance.
No new tech.
No real threat (like the main character is going to die…).
Didn’t realise how unattractive most of the cast were – dim lighting is quite flattering.

I am creating a whole new rating for this one – graphic will come over the weekend when I have time.

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4 Responses to “Review – Stargate Universe – Cloverdale”

  1. Kuma Says:

    Season 2 SGU is just one big disappointment. Cloverdale was amazingly poor

  2. CrotchWarrior Says:

    Wow, thoughtful analysis there, Jack. Emphasis on the anal.

    I can respect the fact that SGU is not your cup of tea. But this was not a review or analysis. You just said, “I didn’t like it,” four or five different ways, four or five different times.

  3. howmanypandas Says:

    I’ll take that as a comment #qanda.
    Actually, I try very hard not to give spoilers when I do review a show/movie because I am usually ahead of most of my readers in the shows – SGU is miles behind here in Australia on FTA. However, each to their own. If you liked it, great.
    If you read back on some of my earlier #SGU pieces you will see that I am actually quite a fan – at least of 75% of last season. I continue to wait for this season to gel. Till then… #pandanus fits last night as I see it.

  4. Review – Stargate Universe – Aliances (S02Ep13) « Says:

    […] This is why this show was cancelled. It was a long way South of average, but still better than Cloverdale. […]

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