Review – Pretty Little Liars – 1st two eps

Not overstyled for a day at school at all, no sir.

Review encompassing the Pilot and The Jenna Thing One of the first things that comes to mind when trying to explain this show is that it is a combination of Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives (I have never watched a whole ep of DH so I am surmising here) for a teen market.

There is an underlying sexy feel. The promos and in some ways the credits set the scene for a show that overly sexy and therefore wholly inappropriate on one level as some of the characters are underage and on the other hand intrinsic to the show’s success.  It sees beautiful main characters discovering who they are, coming to terms with that they have done, making bad choices (and I am assuming the fall out of said choices) as well as dealing with the death of their friend (who, from what I have seen of her, was a manipulative bitch).

Watching beautiful people with overdone makeup and styling deal with unrealistic problems (it is funny – so positive though on a serious level it should be a negative).

So far all but two of the male characters have acted disgracefully towards women – not a good message we are sending to our audience.
The glaring hypocrisies.
The overdone characters (I had a blind friend and she didn’t bash the floor loudly every second with her stick).
Obvious plot choices.
No originality.
Since when are you allowed to have your phone on in a class let alone not on silent.

For all those negatives, it was kind of enjoyable to watch. It isn’t Vampire Diaries enjoyable, and it isn’t Gossip Girl annoyingly unrealistic – it is kind of in the middle. So even though I thought it was pretty crap, it was intriguingly enjoyable crap.

I want to see the English teacher get done for sleeping with a student and sent to jail. I want the girls to realise their best friend was a complete bitch. I want the women in the show to stand up and say – I won’t disrespect myself or my gender anymore. I want the women to say to the men – stop being total dicks and I no longer respect you vs you are sexy and I can’t help myself or I am too in love to know better.

I am not sure how long this interest will last – I have 8 eps to buy yet – so we will see how my interest wanes or grows – if it wanes out of existence I might just wait for the eps to continue to spool through on GO!

In an aside, it also seems that only ppl with awesome bone structures and pouty lips settled in the town of Rosewood – as I am yet to see an unattractive person, even in the background.

PS. GO! Twitter team – your twitter promo was stupid. ‘nuff said


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