Review – Battlestar Galatica – The Plan

What do you mean? His jacket was plum, this is teal!

Retelling of the destruction of the colonies and the attempt at the Fleet surviving (up to the end of the second series from memory) but from the perspective of the cylons. It deals specifically with the interations of Cavill (#1) though we do get some solid face time with other cylons.

It was really good to see Anders more fleshed out.
Grace Park got her acting on and played Boomer incredibly well – much better than her whiny telling of the 8s.
One journey – two paths.
It moved along quite well for the most part.
The duplicity of the 6’s and Cavill was also well done.

Well whatever you do don’t watch this if you never saw BSG – it is chocked pack filled with spoilers.
I know it was told from the 1’s but he was always my least favourite, even if he is played by Stockwell.
I thought way too much time looking at Galen and some random new character.
Too much stock footage.
Unnecessary salaciousness.

When I was talking about buying this and watching, I was told it made up for how bad season three was… but to be honest, I don’t remember season three sucking. I am spending part of the Christmas break rewatching BSG from the beginning (partly to make up for how disappointing Caprica was), and while the majority was OK, the moments of brilliance reminded me why I loved this show (ignoring its preachiness).


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