Review – Battlestar Galatica – Pilot/Mini-Series

When did space capes stop being cool?

Some 40ish years after the first Cylon wars, the Cylons return from their new home with vengeance on their mind. The colonists have no idea what hits them. This is essentially the brief lead up to the first day following the “fall.” Questions of faith, humanity, belief and right and wrong are asked that we spend the next 80 odd hours answering.

God gods – I had forgotten so much which meant I got sucked in totally again!
Jamie Bamber was so young! Almost as young as when he was in Hornblower!
I had totally forgotten the early animosity of Apollo and Adama and that Tigh was a drunkard!
Damn, those reduxed cylons were sharply designed!
The well played out deceptions (and there were a lot of them).

What is it about space robots with maniacal plans than make them overly dramatic and need to compensate?

Just how amoral Baltar was.
Lots of pew pew pew.
Really sharp editing.
The line from Adama to Leoben that man didn’t give the cylons a soul – so much more meaning after watching Caprica.

I had forgotten just how grainy it was.
Was Roslin always that annoying? I know I didn’t like her when she got all mystical, but I don’t remember disliking her so early.

It was great to go back and watch this – it must have been 6 years since I last watched it. It was interesting to see how much of the style has been adopted, especially the camera work, into TV and movies now to make it “gritty.” Still brilliant after all these years. Bring on Season One again!


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