Review – Battlestar Galatica – Season One

Humanity, its gifts and curses are explored in Flesh and Bone, my second favourite episode of Season One.

13 episodes that I have seen many a time before – they used to play almost continuously on SciFi mixed with SG1 back after SciFi first went live here on Cable in Australia. That being said, I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

Follows the first 30 or so days after The Fall, with our “rag tag fleet/band of heroes” fleeing the Cylons. In case you didn’t know, they have a plan! The annihilation of humanity. The questions of God and humanity are explored in more depth in Season One, but we are only just beginning to scratch the surface, while our 50,000 odd humans try and find “Earth.”

Leoben. He was always my favourite Cylon.
Whiny Sharon stops being centre stage finally!
Lee develops as a highly conflicted goody two shoes.
Minor characters begin to be fleshed out.
Space physics.
The tech.
Zarek and the first hat tip.
Starbuck character redesign.
I had totally forgotten the homoerotic hero-worship that Gaeta had for Baltar.

My favourite characters (mostly minor characters in Season One don’t get a lot of air time).
Damn Roslin was annoying! I really disliked her from mid-Season Two on, but I dislike her already!
Cmdr Adama has one setting in Season One.
Not enough Cylon megalomania.

As I mentioned, I had seen this season so many times, usually out of order after the first airing, so it was brilliant to run it through. The Tighs are still my least favourite characters, with Ellen the #1 on my hit list. I must admit was fun to watch this after watching The Plan, as I mentally filled in a lot of the blanks.

Still really holds it own (including the CGI), even if its approach, style and gritty drama have been over emulated time and time again. Watching this makes me realise just how soft SGU and even Caprica was in comparison.


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