Review – Winter’s Bone

Nothing like looking for fresh graves in an old cemetery for family bonding.

Ree, a 17 year old Mountain girl with a hard life behind her and a harder one ahead, takes care of her mentally ill mother and two younger siblings so far South of the Poverty Line it is heart breaking. Add into this mix her missing father, who amongst other things, has put the family home up as part of his bond after getting done for cooking crank. If he doesn’t show on his court date, Ree and her family will be evicted. To save her family she does everything you can imagine and then more. This $2million film won the Best Film – Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

Beautifully styled bleakness.
The acting of  Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant!
The emotional red herrings.
TearDrop and his conflicting motivators.
Mountain ethics.
Wasn’t over done – I never questioned.
The background actors/day actors.
The military interview.
How the pieces of her father’s actions and location are put together.
There is still hope.

We didn’t need the song break.

This movie was playing at #BIFF but it clashed something shocking, then I kept meaning to see it. Luckily I finally have. This was an outstanding piece of cinema that took you to a different place, mentally and physically. If they hadn’t been talking about cooking drugs and bail bonds, you could be excused for thinking we were in a different time. I think my favourite scene was Ree talking to the Army recruiter – I yes, this was just one of the parts where I cried in this film. It is still showing in limited release, but if you miss it, do get it from iTunes or DVD when it drops – you won’t regret this stunning movie.


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    I missed it at #BIFF, but I finally saw Winter’s Bone « Astoundingly good. (via @howmanypandas)

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