Review – Battlestar Galatica – Season Two

And the bar of great scifi changes forever in Season Two during my favourite episode - Downloaded

This season follows our merry band of anti-heroes for the next 7 months (plus a year’s jump at the end of the season). This season also explores the Cylon perspective in more detail, changing the face of the show and taking the questioning of humanity to a whole new level.

Helo finally gets off Caprica.
Sharon replaces the whiny Boomer.
Cmdr Adama goes from one setting (hard) to two settings (hard and soft).
Kara gets her man.
Nice long season.
Up close and personal with the Cylons.
Admiral Cain.
Lee Adama’s development.
The journey to Hell is paved with good intentions that are quickly forgotten.
Minor characters move to the front.

Not nearly enough Leoben.
We get filler eps.
Billy goes bubbye.
Roslin getting her Mysticism on.
Lee Adama getting yet another promotion.
Madame Air Lock.
Roslin stealing the election.

Knowing as I do, what is coming, it is amazing how many things are mentioned, even telegraphed in this season. At the time of first viewing, of course, I was caught up in the journey. This time, yes the journey is highly engaging, but this time I can see the big picture.  Makes me realise just how much of a mishmash Lost was. You can see point after point that relates to where this is going, they knew.


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