Review – The Social Network

Do I have your attention Mr Zuckerberg?

Geeky guy doesn’t get girls. Decides to steal an idea but says he doesn’t. Makes lots of money along the way and tries his hardest at being a tool. Interesting adventures unfold as we look backwards on how we got to today via depositions. Geeky guy still doesn’t get girls. And by get I mean both connotations.

Pick that TV Teen Vamprie  star.
See a Teen Disney star go down on a guy in a toilet.
Fantastic dialogue by the brilliant Aaron Sorkin.
Interesting anti-heroes (I left not really liking anyone).
Even with everything, envy and loss still reign supreme.
Great comedic moments that moved the story forward.
The Winklevi (played by one guy!)
Nice styling development of Eduardo.
Good editing – moved well for such a dialogue heavy piece.

I felt no sympathy for our main protagonist. The closest I came to liking anyone was Eduardo.
A little overhyped.

I certainly enjoyed this film, and loved how it was broken back to our most basic need (after food and shelter) to be accepted. Jealousy, envy and the search for love. Amazing what is can drive a person to do. The one track nature and arogance of how Zuckerberg was portrayed was a worry, surely no one is quite that bad. I must admit that after watching this I felt a little dirty logging into Facebook. Does anyone know if Zuckerberg has mild Aspergers?


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