Review – Black Swan

I will be the best Swan Queen ever, even if I haven't eaten for months for this role.

Nina Sayers is a ballerina (Portman) who amongst other things, is a perfectionist living a life of regiment and control with a domineering mother. This year, she has paid her dues and is hoping to be featured as a principal in the upcoming year’s productions. After landing the lead in Swan Lake, all does not go as planned. How far would you go to give the performance of your life?

Portman Oscar buzz is not empty – this was an incredible performance.
Winona Ryder!
This movie does suspense and does it well.
Exceptional cast.
Portrayal of a ballet company and its players.
The dancing in the last 20 mins is spectacular.
The twists and turns in the plot were excellent and really had you bought in.
Lots of uncomfortable moments, but also some laugh out loud moments.
The physio scene.
You forget how tiny they all are, especially Portman. (when Cassel holds her face in his hand, wow!)
Vincent Cassel really delivers!
Never once wondered about the time, this really pulls you in and rides you till then end.

Kunis’ eyes are just too big for her head. I know Hollywood likes big eyes but on a movie screen it is much more noticeable than on the TV.
Goose flesh – a little over done for me.
I never believed Kunis to be a strong dancer, she was just a little too sloppy.

I saw this movie at a special NYE showing as part of my evening celebrations. All up I had a brilliant night, but this movie was certainly a highlight.  The way the suspense is built and how you end up questioning everything is just marvellous. If this movie isn’t already on your must view list, add it now.  Black Swan takes a old and many times viewed idea, and delivers it is a smart and new way. Black Swan releases in Australia on January 20th, with some limited previews the weekend of the 8th and 9th of January.


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