Review – Come Fly With Me (S01Ep01)

Looks like someone has been getting lessons from the TSA.

This is the new show by Matt Lucas and David Walliams – the brilliant minds and performers who brought us Little Britain. Using an aeroport, they introduce a wide variety of characters and we follow them through their day, a la Airport UK.

This week:
We get to meet the cast of characters.
Loved the stereotyping – so wrong yet so right.
Pussy Wagon!
Dog popsicle.
Martin Clune (very funny to me as we were talking about a guy who looks like Martin Clune while walking back from the NYE Fireworks last night).
Checkin chicks.
Pat downs.

Was a little slow to get going.
I didn’t like the character Omar – but I think it is a take on the guy who started EasyJet.

I can see this being a show that quickly becomes a part of our lives in the same way Little Britain brought us so many lines and characters. This episode didn’t see us meet all the characters just yet, so there is more new ones to come, but I already have my favourites. Just like in Little Britain, some characters have their own arcs that they will be playing out. The one character I really wished they had of done is the guy who looks after the pets/animals in the Airport UK show. I think that would have been a hoot.


PS. Not sure who will be releasing this in Australia – but my guess would be SBS or ABC.

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  1. Taezar (@Taezar) (@Taezar) (@Taezar) Says:

    I take a look at the new show by Matt Lucas and David Walliams Come Fly With Me (S01Ep01) « (via @howmanypandas)

  2. Taezar (@Taezar) (@Taezar) (@Taezar) Says:

    @4hundredclub That it was

  3. Simon Band Says:

    I really didn’t like this, and I legitimately liked Little Britain. I think there wasn’t too much to show underneath the gloss of excellent airport doco-esque visuals and high quality costuming. The jokes were a bit limp. They were telegraphed too early, although the Martin Clune bit did make me laugh myself halfway off the chair.

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