Brisbane Flood Update

This water rose so fast. I was there earlier in the day and it was just puddling. 6 hours later the roundabout was nothing but some bushes poking out of the water. Less than 1km down the street from my home.

Hi Panda Lovers.

As many of you know, I live in an inner city suburb of Brisbane. As you also know we have been flooding for the last few days, with the river peaking at dawn this morning.

Any time I have been home I have been following what has been happening vs watching any tv fiction or blogging.

Less than 1km from my home the water rose quickly. Less than 1km down the street from my home.Less than 1km down the street from my home.

Thankfully, I live high on a hill so no threat of flooding for me, but yesterday we on the patio of a house less than 1km from me while watching the river rise in their back yard, before having to wade through water to get out. Everything was moved, lived higher if not upstairs, but thankfully, given the water peaked 1m less than expected, many ppl’s homes were spared. Others though were so lucky.

As things begin to return to normal, so will my blog. I have The Cape to view, Episodes, new episodes for my regular shows as well as some movies I intend to see once power is back.


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