Review – Pretty Little Liars – Salt Meets Wound (S01Ep12)

I wanted carbs but instead find mum's whoring money.

This week:
Hanna is out of the hospital. Hanna discovers her mother is a bank robber. Mona throws a party. Ezra gets blackmailed by Noel. Aria continues to be stupid.  Maya meets Emily’s family. -A. finds the $$$.

Ezra finally waking up and smelling the coffee (I still want him gone though).
Emily’s dad.

How Emily’s mum deals with her daughter’s sexuality.
The amount of lying that goes on in this show.
Mum’s a criminal? Ok – moving on.
Hanna’s mother’s explanation.
Why would you hide thousands of dollars in lasagne? Surely they have a house safe.

This was a terrible episode on every level. It is the same old same old every week. -A. sees something. -A. impacts their lives and the girls thinks everyone is -A. #yawn What is happening with Aria’s parents? Hasn’t her dad noticed her staying out late all the time?


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