Review – The Cape – Kozmo (S01Ep03)

Actually, it is part of my contract that I have to show how bendy I am in every show. You will see me get bendy and kick butt soon. You can call me The Curtain!

This week:
The previous owner of The Cape’s Cape wants it back. We find out about Max. Oh mysterious, hot blogger with unsuspected family history (if unsuspected means “dead obvious from the first few moments we meet her”) you get bendy. Vince’s wife thinks she can prove his innocence. ARK gets all sneaky. Chess doesn’t get dressed up. Good triumphs over evil.

At least we got to see some Rolo again.

Oh the Cape feeds of the darkness in men’s souls – OH NOES!
Orwell on the back of a mini bike – seriously who rides like that.
Such obvious plot twists and turns I felt almost offended by how dumb the show thought I must be.

The Cape is officially on notice. Only two more eps and I can be free of it I think. It still has no clue what kind of show it is. The plots is painful, the dialogue worse. I guess actors have to pay their mortgage somehow. This is a train wreck of epic proportions and I think it is wrong to watch a show for schadenfreude. I do hope it gets its act together as there are brief moments of potential, very brief moments.


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