Review – The Cape – Dice (S01Ep05)

Even though the enemy of my enemy is my friend, you are my enemy.

This week:
ARK prepares to release a computer than can predict the future (correctly). Dark moments of the past come back to haunt Flemming. The Cape finds himself on protective detail. Orwell does her techy thing. The Cape saves the day. Chess comes out to play.

The Flemming character is further developed.
Flemming and his psychologist.

We have seen the math on screen thing before.
Guest star not that strong.
Orwell annoyingly intrusive and stupid.
The plot of this episode.
Really what the hell is with the ridiculous contact lenses.

This episode really could have been something. Again it had all the components, but they didn’t gel. The Cape character is really such a disappointment. Flemming is a great villain, and doesn’t need to be Chess – that is merely a distraction. Flemming is a Luthor type villain, why turn him into something cheesy?

Interestingly, the publicity shots for this episode listed it as number three.


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