Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Descent (S02Ep12) Mid-Season Return

Damon, I am going to emotionally manipulate you because I know you love me. That doesn't make me a bad person, but it does make you a bad Vampire if you follow your nature.

This week:
Rose is suffering the effects of the werewolf bite. Damon has to come to terms with no longer switching off his feelings. Elena babysits an hallucinating vampire (what could possibly go wrong). Caroline gets kissed, twice. Stephan has his own little side mission.

Jules is a lot more complicated than initially thought.
Damon’s dream with Rose. I admit I cried.
Return to Damon 1.0.
John is back!
Caroline and Tyler (really enjoying this story line).
Not Elena centric.
Werewolves can hold a grudge like a vampire.

When I first watched it I thought, WOW a lot just happened, but in retrospect, not so much.
Elena is still trying to emotionally manipulate Damon.
No-one is really trusting anyone, yet expecting others to trust them.

I did enjoy the Damon arc this episode. As you know, I rewatched season one before Christmas as part of my holiday viewing, and I had forgotten the old Damon. This was almost a return to form. This could get very interesting very fast.


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