Review – Off the Map – I’m Here (S01Ep05)

Who knew I could be more desirable? Sexy bod, sexy accent AND I now come with bacon!!

This week:
What makes family is explored. Underwater amputation. Soccer. Secret illnesses. Penis waving. Bacon.

More fantastic development of my favourite character Mina.
Tommy contacting home.
Not too much Lilly and what there was wasn’t all Ben centric.
Ryan’s illness (guessing TB).
Was half expecting a shark – thankfully that was avoided.
Mina v Hat.

Really hope there isn’t going to be a Mina / Otis relationship.
Felt the father daughter relationship was a bit over the top and distracted from otherwise a strong thematic episode.
Angus so totally be a recurring character!

I am enjoying this show, but it is more a show that I watch while waiting for something else to watch. Yes, I am thoroughly hooked on Mina’s character, background and development, but that really isn’t enough to get me over the line.


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    Take hot Scottish dude – add bacon. Off the Map – I’m Here (S01Ep03) «

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