Review – Skins (UK) – Mini (S05Ep03)

An insight into the compulsions and insecurities that make Mini the bitch that she is.

This week:
Mini is on the table and we get a bird’s eye look into her life. A fashion parade brings things to a head and Mini, for all her bravado and lies is afraid to have sex. We find out why.

Amazed that they got me to care about a character I really don’t like.
Good use of supporting cast (and characters we want to see more of).
Final scene with her mum.
Mini’s insecurities that are driving her life.
Mini’s make over.

Mini doesn’t look like someone who has that disorder.
Took a bit too long to care about Mini. Maybe if the end scene was brought forward a little it would have worked better.

Overall this was a solid episode – not as good as Rich, but still great. It avoided the forced humour of Season Three yet allowed us a window into the Queen Bee with a laugh or two.


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