Review – Off the Map – It’s Good (S01Ep06)

There was no excuse to leave the clinica on a mercy dash this week and I do that EVERY week. So you see, that is why I am pouting.

This week:
Mina gets smack. The clinica gets jacked. Ben gets snarky. Tommy gets a set of balls. Ryan gets caught hiding a deadly secret. Otis gets some tea. Tropical disease of the week.

Interesting divergence of the two characters we got more backstory.
No surprises, Mina’s continued development is my favourite part of the show.
Tommy manning up was nice to see – though it surprises me that he didn’t play the rake for longer.
Zita’s stance.

I half joked to myself that I hoped that what blew up was going to blow up.
Was there any surprise in Otis’ choice? Is going to be an interesting arc.
Ben isn’t that interesting of a character for me.

This episode changed the dynamic of the show for me. Characters are moving outside of their initial brief a lot faster than I expected. The only slow development seems to be Mina, which is why I continue to be invested in the show.


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