Review – Nikita – The Next Seduction (S01Ep14)

Now I have taken off my ugly wig and dropped the fake accent, do you still think I am hot? Remember, I am holding the gun.

This week:
An old job from Nikita’s past get’s a revisit. Ryan and Nikita bond. Michael tries to cockblock Nathan. Gogol is sniffing around. Nikita reassesses her choices and advice.

Was very fun watching the Ryan and Nikita relationship developing.
The interactions between Alex and Nathan.
The switch in Nikita with Voss.
Michael’s annoyance that Nikita has had to interact with Voss again.
Ryan trying to stop the plane.
Switch and double cross.
More Noah Bean.

A few minutes of looping weren’t completed.
Nikita’s set up of Gogol was a bit lame and very fake. Are they that stupid they didn’t realise it was a trap?
Nikita in an short wig isn’t nearly as hot as she normally is

This episode took us on a journey into the world that Nikita managed to escape, more depth into the Michael and Nikita relationship as well as the fact there is still hope. Not sure what is happening with the Black Boxes, and Gogol seems a little inept. So while it was fun, it didn’t get us where we want to go in the overall arc, though the character development was interesting.


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