Review – Nikita – Echoes (S01Ep16)

She's coming... /yawn

This week:
We pick up straight where we left off last week. Amanda wants answers and with Percy’s blessing, she is taking advantage of Alex’s state. Nikita is putting together an exit package for Alex, and Michael is a dog with a bone. Much of this episode takes place in Alex’s subconscious.

Very interesting development of the Alex character.
Michael’s obsession.
Birkoff’s patronising manner.
Nice not to have a mission of the week to bust.
Who Alex was running from.

Amanda’s arc this episode.
Too soon for a confrontation as per the episode cliffhanger.
Not enough Nikita doing her thing.
What Alex wants is what all women want kind of feel.
So slow.
Painful editing.
The chase scenes weren’t well done.

While I was watching this episode I wasn’t quite sucked in, even if I was a bit frustrated with the delivery. I felt it limiting, but I understand it had to be shown to cast disparity on her current life and what her life would have been/could become. It also ups the ante for Nathan in coming episodes, however overall I found it very slow and if not for the last 30 seconds, it would have been a very low panda event.


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