Review – Skins – Liv (S05Ep04)


If only there was a panda costume I would have been there!

This week:
We follow self destructive Liv as she falls from one bad decision to another and has to live with the consequences. We get a better understanding of the final cast member we have only previously seen glimpses of – Matty.

Costume escape.
Relationship with little sister.
Franky “bing.”
Lost mother – how can a teenager make good choices when a parent can’t?
Alo’s declaration.

I found this episode quite disturbing – maybe that is a plus, because this show is designed to shock and think – this episode just pushed me way out of my comfort zone.
Mini lost ground with me.

The disturbing nature of this episode has made me hold off watching the next episode based around Nik (my second least favourite character).


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