Review – Off The Map – Es Un Milagro (S01Ep07)

You know how I said I wasn't doing smack? Well... Let's have a "man heart to heart" over this patient who is dying.

This week:
We pick up moments after we left off. The helicopter has crashed. Complications, decisions, revelations and disappointment.

I keep saying how much I like Mina. Her acting this week was miles ahead of everyone else.
Nice departure of the standard format.
Pleased that Ryan has told the truth.
Tommy was underutilised but it was a nice arc or discovery.

The Ryan alone in the wilderness plot – unlikely.
The final shot. Should have finished with Ben and Ryan.
I really don’t want an Otis and Milly arc.

There is only one real series arc that keeps me coming back. If we get an episode that doesn’t focus on Mina and allow the outstanding acting chops of Mame Gurber to shine through, I don’t know how I will feel about the show. Much of it seem vapid and vacuous but there is just enough to keep me interested. That being said, I read that Rachelle Lefevre has just signed for a pilot – so perhaps Off the Map is already dead.


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