Pandas, Spandex and Snags


Das Panda meets a Fan

Today was Ride2Work day as part of Bike Week, Brisbane puts on a huge free breakfast (snags, cereal, juice and coffee) and lets cyclists take over King George Square. This morning, around 1000 cyclists (and more than a few journalists) showed up to either praise or dis cycling.

I was briefly interviewed by the always lovely Anne O’Keefe for 612Brisbane (ABC Local Radio and Brisbane’s #1 Breakfast show) and had the chance to talk CityCycle with Lord Mayor Campbell Newman. It was amazing to hear him tell me that he came across my blog and printed out my latest piece and gave it to the POTB. I saw my last piece have a lot of Brisbane City Council hits in one day a month after posting – now I know who and why. You can listen to both myself and our Lord Mayor here.

Some random snaps are below.


"Two wheels are better than four!" (I think she is only holding up one finger though so unicyclists don't feel excluded)

"We will continue to roll out CityCycle!" Music to this panda's ears.


More bikes on the racks than at a Triathalon

Anne interviewing Can Do Campbell for Ride2Work Day (she also snuck in a question about dying trees)

Happy Ride2Work Day everyone.

PS. Apparently I was filmed by Ten and made their main Brisbane News – though I don’t know in what capacity. I hope it was me looking super cool while I swiped my CityCycle card!


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