Review – Stargate Universe – Alliances (S02Ep13)

No matter how many times I almost die (and even when I do), you can't kill me!

This week:
Greer and Camille head back to Earth while a Senator and a scientist board Destiny. Earth comes under attack. Yes it was as exciting as that sounded.

Finally some Greer development but we barely touched the surface.
Always fun to have French Stewart on my screen.
Even cooler when you remember French Stewart was in the original Stargate movie.
Varro finally got some lines and screen time.

Oh dear god this was such a pointless episode,
The sets were terrible.
Looked like it had a budget of $350.
Dull story.
I thought it was going to be some Lucian Alliance onboard Destiny thing – how wrong was I?

This is why this show was cancelled. It was a long way South of average, but still better than Cloverdale.


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