Sneak Peek – CityCycle Phase II

Thanks to JCD for the pic.

So I have been pretty quiet on the blog recently, not just about CityCycle but about everything.

That is not to say there hasn’t been a lot happening with CityCycle, there has.

We have the creatively named KillCityCycle campaign chugging along with reams of disinformation and vitriol; the push to make the stations more accessible for riders (had a couple of wins there); the CityCycleParis competition; my meeting with the CFO and Comms Manager of JCD Australia; my speaking about CityCycle and Active Transport at Engineers Australia: just to name what instantly comes to mind.

What has energised me to write is that I just spoke to the BCC’s Project Manager for CityCycle – Samantha Collie again. And let’s just say the news is good!

I first spoke to Ms Collie after I expressed my concerns regarding the safety of one station in particular and a couple of others in the network. Today Ms Collie was calling me back giving me an update. After briefly discussing works to be completed and an action plan to test the existing stations for usability in both directions of travel we spoke about Phase 2.

First up – let’s talk about where it is going….

  • There will be a few more in the city that couldn’t be done last time.
  • UQ!
  • Milton!
  • Auchenflower!
  • Toowong!
  • Dutton Park!
  • Southbank!!!!
  • Mater Hospital!

What extra information I have (most of it relates to me or people who I asked for).

Central Station will finally be getting bikes. It won’t be quick, as there is some works going on there currently, but we will be getting multiple stations at Central including one just down from Turbot Street. This will make hooning (I mean commuting down Edward a breeze). There will also be a station on Anne St as part of the revamp of Central next year.
Southbank have agreed to four (yes 4!!!) stations inside their boundaries.
There will be a like a ring road of stations for Dutton Park and up to the Mater which then connects back through South Brisbane.
UQ will have multiple stations (hope they are big ones) though personally I think they need at least 4 plus they will be getting three stations en route from Toowong Village to UQ.
Toowong will have good access including one just by the Commonwealth Bank.
Milton will have multiple stations – though unfortunately NOT Suncorp Stadium though was advised I should lobby them, but as we know, Suncorp Stadium are NOT bike friendly at all. We will see great Milton access (especially given the lovely BiCentennial Bike Way there), plus stations in hot spots – like the stations and entertainment/restaurant areas. My closest station to work will be Little Cribb St, which means I can avoid the hill past the Barracks.
I forgot to ask where in Auchenflower, but I imagine the station and along the bike path plus a couple of feeders.

All up there will be 46 new stations with construction commencing in September, 2011.

The official announcement will be on Thursday, June 9th by Cnr Simmonds the Minister for Active Transport. So stay tuned for the exact locations, more details and general YAYNESS!

Can we get a HELLS YEAH???

UPDATE: Media release to be Tuesday 14th June, awaiting confirmation from Cnr Simmonds’ office for full details.

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9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – CityCycle Phase II”

  1. koosli Says:

    Hells yeah!

    I really did jump the gun joining CityCycle because these are the stations which will make it properly useful for me. Can’t wait!

  2. howmanypandas Says:

    I can’t wait. It will mean I can actually ride to walk, vs walking, riding and walking. It will be so much faster for me… brilliant. But at least I will be fit enough not to be all hot and sweaty when they open in Summer… we will ROCK Koolsi!

  3. Moving Brisbane (@CyclingBrisbane) Says:

    Sneak Peek – CityCycle Phase II «

  4. Caitlin Says:

    Nice one. Thanks for giving us the update! I hope the Milton ones happen sooner rather than later… :)

  5. Davide_Zulli (@DeeZed_AU) Says:

    New stations FTW! RT @howmanypandas – #CityCycle Phase II

  6. Rebecca Says:


    Can’t wait to find out were they’ll be setting up in Auchenflower. I’d rather ride in the fresh air to work then smell other people’s underarms on a jam packed train any day!

  7. infectedarea (@infectedarea) Says:

    Great to see expansion out of the City // Sneak Peek – CityCycle Phase II « #citycycle

  8. howmanypandas (@howmanypandas) (@howmanypandas) Says:

    ICYMI Sneak Peek – CityCycle Phase II « #citycycle

  9. infectedarea (@infectedarea) (@infectedarea) Says:

    @WishiHadaBoat That is in the next stage.

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