More CityCycle Misinformation

Thanks to the Courier Mail for this pic.

It must be a day ending in Y because the Courier Mail has written another negative piece on CityCycle.

Now, I do understand that not everyone sees the benefit of the program, but “cherry picking” and misrepresenting the numbers by “journalists” is becoming seriously tiring.

Figures released this week found the number of annual subscribers plummeted from 1251 in October when it began operating to only 131 in January.

The way that reads suggests that the total number of annual subscribers dropped by over 1000 in a 3 month period. It actually is the number of new annual subscriber take up – or did 1000 people really cancel their annual subscription. Also, January – didn’t something happen in January. Let me think… Something that impacted the suburbs serviced by CityCycle?  131 people taking up the service in a month with disaster and cleanup is pretty damn good (no pun intended). Talk about cherry picking the least favourable stat and playing it up.

The article then goes on to say

CityCycle operator JC Decaux was paid $93,000 for the October quarter, $73,000 for the January quarter and $143,000 for the March quarter – they receive $122 per bike in use for each quarter.

This statement suggests that the use is increasing back up again substantially – almost double in the second quarter of the year. Though how the 131 subscribers managed to do this I don’t know. This also doesn’t factor in four of the six weeks that CityCycle Paris ran – which generated a staggering 9000 trips (though truthfully most of us just changed bikes more often with a little more riding vs thousands of people joining the scheme. For example I did 97 trips in June – at least 30 of those were me changing bikes mid-journey to garner an extra entry).

Finally let’s look at those figures.  $143,000 paid by the council representing $122 for each bike in use during the quarter. That equates to almost 1200 bikes in use – again not bad for 131 subscribers.

Really Courier Mail – pick up your game.

PS. Could the other 130 subscribers please stop leaving my local station with no bikes twice a week? kthnxbai

PPS. Great little article on why the Dublin Bike Share is so successful. Not the answer most people in Brisbane would think.


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