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Review – Stargate Universe – Seizure (S02Ep15)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

What do you get if you put two math geniuses in a room with chalk board walls? A lot of chalk dust!

This week:
Don’t try and be sneaky when friendly will work. Rush gets laid. Eli has to do something difficult. Stuff happened on another planet.

Least we saw a little bit of Gin.
Pleasant change of pace to see some classic McKay, even if he didn’t pull the answer out of his pants.

Yet another classic Stargate episode redux – and done not nearly as well.
Totally pointless sub-story on the planet.
Way too much Rush.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever. You would THINK that he would have been more careful about his language.
Telford – yawn.
Again, where did the Lucian Alliance crew members go?

I had heard that this episode was really good and had been set up nicely from last week’s dismal attempt at entertainment. I was disappointed. Saw nothing I hadn’t seen multiple times before, and this execution wasn’t good. The whole planet arc was a complete waste of time, did nothing to drive the story forward. I know some people will vehemently disagree with this review, but that is OK.


Review – Stargate Universe – Hope (S02Ep14)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Check it out! I found the Ancient Porn Database...

This week:
The most boring character in the show gets taken over by less boring characters. The geeks get their romance on. We discover what happened to Rush in Two Destinies, and TJ performs major surgery.

We got to see some Gin.
At least Volker got some lines and screen time – pity the arc sucked.

Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever.
Scott given the worst lines, well below his talent.
Way too much Chloe.
A very poor take on a Stargate classic story.

I just wanted this episode to end. The surgery aspect was just laughable. Yet more evidence why this show was, rightly, cancelled.


Review – Stargate Universe – Alliances (S02Ep13)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

No matter how many times I almost die (and even when I do), you can't kill me!

This week:
Greer and Camille head back to Earth while a Senator and a scientist board Destiny. Earth comes under attack. Yes it was as exciting as that sounded.

Finally some Greer development but we barely touched the surface.
Always fun to have French Stewart on my screen.
Even cooler when you remember French Stewart was in the original Stargate movie.
Varro finally got some lines and screen time.

Oh dear god this was such a pointless episode,
The sets were terrible.
Looked like it had a budget of $350.
Dull story.
I thought it was going to be some Lucian Alliance onboard Destiny thing – how wrong was I?

This is why this show was cancelled. It was a long way South of average, but still better than Cloverdale.


Review – Stargate Universe – Twin Destinies (S02Ep12)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

That is one Destiny down, one to go.

This week:
Mathboy finds a way to dial out using the power of a star. Rush thinks it is too dangerous and against the mission of Destiny. Telford wants to go home and uses any and all means of persuasion.

It wasn’t the worst episode.
I did like the multiple timelines.
Elli’s weighty guilt.

One of the things I used to like was the grey – the leads are so one dimensional now.
We still have to watch Telford.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Umm what happened to that whole Lucian Alliance thing? Is Varro the only one left?

It wasn’t terrible, it was just average. There could have been so much more (as I find myself saying a lot with this show) but it just failed to deliver.


Review – Caprica – Apotheosis (Series Final)

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Alessandra Torresani couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag.

This week:
The Adamas overcome the impossible and save the day (with v little effort it seems). Clarice gets what for. Everyone lives happily ever after (except the Cylons who are disaffected and have found God).

Bill Adama isn’t a cylon.
I am God.
It kind of set it up for the next series.

Oh god – where to start.
Nothing of interest with Lacy’s journey.
Way too formulaic.
Continuity errors to BSG.
The script.
The ease in which the Greystones saved the day.
Greystones saving the day.
The lack of gratifying resolution.
Ummm Tamara anyone?

This was a wholly unsatisfying final to a series that rarely met its potential, let alone being in the same suburb as it. The first half of the season teased and promised so much, yet never really delivered. The thing I most wanted to see in the conclusion was Lacy’s takeover of the STO, we got zilch. Just one line towards the end? Meh. At least Bill Adama wasn’t a cylon.


Review – Caprica – Here Be Dragons

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

If only we followed more of Lacy's story this show wouldn't have sucked so hard

This week:
Daniel, Amanda and Sam journey deeper into V-World to meet with Zoe and Tamara. The Tauran mafia comes after Joseph and his family. Clarice and her followers get to their prize. Lacy gets her revolution on and Zoe tries on a new/old outfit.

Some decent suspense while the Greystones were out of the real world and Clarice and co were trying to break in.
The Lacy execution scene.
Action – plot development – serious this was the most eventful ep in the history of Caprica – unfortunately it wasn’t executed v well.
Sam as always.

Pretty lame dragons.
Obvious what was going to happen with Zoe and the timing.
The ONE thing I said I wouldn’t accept they did… really? It is just stupid.
Atrocious editing as usual.
Too much happening with not enough cohesion.
Umm so where was Tamara?
Skin Jobs line.

I was kind of enjoying this episode even with its faults but the whole Greystones in the forrest was way overshot – 3 mins would have been fine – we are clever – we know when the lights go down day has changed to night. I am majorly disappointed in what they did to one of the minor characters – which I won’t say here as I try not to do spoilers – but it blows major holes in all of BSG on so many levels. It was a cheap and easy twist that was, well, lame.


PS. One more ep to go – now that I know who is going to be uploaded I don’t want to see it – all I want to see is what Lacy does with the STO and how that leads to the First Cylon War.

Review – Stargate Universe – Awakenings

Friday, October 15th, 2010


Thanks for turning on the lights, you are tops!

This week:
Oh, what is that? BOOM. SWOOSH. Surprise. Flirt. BANG BANG BANG. Bubye.

Hang on, still thinking.
No really…
That Gate Assembly Room was cool.
Aliens were well imagined.

Same depression and loss, different day.
Rush is fully in prat mode.
Telford is still meh.
Young still needs to grow a pair.

I am all for the long con. I am all for grey, but really?
There was buzz that this episode would bring the action and tension back to SGU. I guess action = slowly walking through a set multiple times. Tension is all about the waiting for something to happen, well I am still waiting. There were so many missed opportunities for development but no cigar on any of them. I recognise that they are trying not to do the “I am Colonel Young on board this super wiz bang (falling apart) space craft boldly going where only aliens have gone before,” but enough already. I guess they are also trying to avoid the formula of last season – New Week, New Planet – but I can’t say it any better than Sydney Twitter @Skels’ summation of the feeling of the end of this episode:

Wonder who is going to die/get left behind/disappear/ascend next week? Can it be Rush? Bullet to the head would be awesome. kthnxbai


PS. Watch Rush be the hero and save the day next week just to make me look like a #sillypanda

Why you should watch Caprica

Friday, October 8th, 2010
Caprica Opening Credits

Watch or the Toasters will get you!

Caprica has finally gone Free to Air here in Australia with 7Mate. Many of us were/are watching it straight from the States.

Some people had a bite and didn’t like it. When you ask the non-believers why they don’t like it you will hear a lot of “OMG IT IS SO BORING AND SLOW.” It has also been labelled as a Sci-Fi Soap Opera. Lame Sci-Fi as no viper fights!

But you should watch.

Here’s why.

First up – The pilot.

The pilot alone is must see TV.

The approach of this show, the whole take on the situation on Caprica, makes it the pilot required viewing. Do you remember that episode towards the back end of the final season of BSG when we saw how wrong Caprica was before the fall? If you can’t remember, does watching Adama vomit for 5 minutes help the recall? Well this show starts 50 years before BSG. Their priorities mirror ours in many ways: hedonism, materialism, a search for meaning in a meaningless world – only they don’t know what we all know – their days are numbered. A war, two wars, are coming.

Caprica tells the story of the Cylons, the people behind them, and why they are the way they are, and addresses, similarly to BSG, the questions of religion, terrorism, right and wrong, heaven and just what it is that makes you ‘human.’

Yes, Caprica is slow. But as I have said about this show in a previous review, as well as Rubicon, it is all about the ‘long con.’ You can’t the get payoff without the journey – the investment. There is a core group of disparate characters that are brought together by one event (an act of terrorism) – and everything that happens in the show is a direct result of this incident. Relationships, betrayals, crime, friendships – everything. That one point in time can change the face of the world, of a race, is a very powerful idea – and one that are often faced with or advised upon in our day to day lives.

One of the best subplots of this show is “New Cap City,” which is a game played via holoband – so a fully immersive gaming experience – in which you get one chance in New Cap City (like life) as if you die there, you can never get back into the game. The way all the scenes are shot/digitally altered is excellent – as are the characters/personas that Capricans play in their alternative reality. For me, the episode that really sold me on Caprica was New Cap City.

The greatest benefit of a long con show, is that when something happens it happens in spades. The midseason cliff-hanger was a long time coming but seeing the story lines and characters intersect through their choices was brilliant.

Caprica has just returned from its mid-season break with new twists and turns and power struggles – which, like Mad Men are the same challenges/situations/choices expressed across multiple characters yet approached and addressed differently. You can see my review of the latest episode a little down the page.

All these things makes Caprica a must watch for me, so stick with it if you are just joining the story on 7Mate, as the subplots more than make up for the lack of pace in the over all arc.

Oh and don’t forget: “All of this has happened before, and will happen again.”


Review – Stargate Universe – Aftermath

Friday, October 8th, 2010


It is always brightest before the dark.

This week:
Deception. Survival. Illusion. Lies. Euthanasia. Loss

Emotional journey of Young.
No romance subplots.
Return to grey.
Lucian Alliance motivation.

Way too much Rush.
Telford remains “Meh.”

One of the things I really liked about SGU when it found its feet from “Time” onwards, are the layers of grey within each character. What makes you a good person? There are no white or black hats in this show. On either side of the divide there are reasons, good reasons, to make the choices you do, whether others agree with them or not. No one has a good day on Destiny – I would like to see a break from this formula or an episode focused on the minor characters. I think there is a lot of depth there that we are yet to plumb.


Review – Caprica – Unvanquished

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Silver Hot Pants Anyone?

This week:
Religion. Questions. Bargains. Deadwaker. Silver hot pants and Murder.

Final twist at end, not the second final one, the final one.
Two plans, one objective.
Female Pope.

et tu Clarice?
Unrealistic fight scene.
Only one turn of the episode surprised me.
Totally wasted James Masters.
Very slow (even for Caprica).

Yes Caprica moves at a pace that makes Rubicon look like a Ferrari, but I like the questions it asks. Also when it does move, the pace takes your breath away. I especially like the idea of a man made heaven, a guarantee for an investment (spiritual and financial) – which is what the church has been doing for centuries on both levels. Also what is it that makes us human? This was a great ongoing underlying journey within BSG and I do like the way it is being approached in Caprica.