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My Viewing Choices for the Brisbane International Film Festival (#BIFF)

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Somewhere only we know thanks to BIFF (HT @ Keane)

Yes ppl (read Panda Lovers), it is BIFF time again.

What am I off to see this time round?

The American (leaving a relation’s 16th birthday early to get there)
Red Hill
I Am You
Uncle Boomnee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
I Love You Phillip Morris
The Red Chapel
I have added:
Reign of Assassins
Still two more till I hit my 10, but so many others I want to see.
ADDITION: I was invited to go to the opening night event of BIFF and their after party – so I am now seeing Cane Toads: The Conquest as well.

What have I seen already and recommend? Click the thoughts in brackets for my reviews on them. I will add as I see more.
Jucy (great little wom rom com and when you factor in the budget it is pretty dang impressive)
Fair Game (enjoyable piece of film with amazing acting by Penn and Watts)
Cane Toads: The Conquest (light hearted telling of the cane toad invasion of Qld and the NT)
The American (a somewhat predictable yet emotionally driven movie with outstanding scenery)
I Am You (Do. Not. Go. It. Is. Terrible)
Uncle Boomnee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (No idea what it was about)

Also check out ABC Local Radio 612’s morning film reviewer’s picks here.

You can book on line or use their awesome iPhone/iPod/iPad app (search BIFF10) which talks to your calendar (or you can RSS to your bookings which then updates your calendar).

See you at BIFF.
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Review – Jucy – #BIFF

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

I remember my bedroom looking like that when I was in my early 20's.

Jucy tells of the trials and tribulations of two twenty something women as they decide to take their lives in a new direction – success and love. Filmed in Brisbane, it is a delight to see the familiar landmarks (including the now gone Trash Video) but I must admit that the Australian accents made it seem more real than say, a US version, of this lovely little film. They call it a Womance, I call it a Wom-Rom-Com!

Real women.
Real issues.
Predominantly genuine feel.
Real choices (good and bad).
Generally solid dialogue throughout.
Some classic moments.
Everyone gets a resolution.

The male cast weren’t that developed, but then it isn’t about them, and it isn’t a traditional relationship movie – and that is central to its charm – so let’s pretend this is a Plus.
One or two moments that felt a little worn.

Overall, this is a delightful romp exploring the depths and limits of friendships, and therefore also of oneself. You also get a realistic insight into the realisation that choices aren’t easy to make or to stick to, and that sometimes to move forward, you have to go home. If you haven’t got your ticket to the Australian premier of Jucy, right here in Brisbane as part of BIFF, time to beg, borrow or steal one – or keep those fingers crossed for a domestic release.


PS. I should disclose that I know a couple of people involved in the movie – including some great backup dancers!
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