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Torchwood: Miracle Day – Season 4 Review

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Look at us looking all serious like.

It has been a year since Torchwood saved the world’s children and Jack is back. All the good characters are still dead, and since this season takes place a fair bit in America, it is clogged with plastic, unrealistic and unlikable characters. Anyway, a miracle happens and no one can die – except Jack. The Torchwood team must stay alive (Jack anyway) reform and hang out with annoying Americans to save the world from over population and self regulation. Sorry did you fall asleep? Yeah, I know.


Couple of little eggs re past episodes and Doctor Who.


OMG the new characters – horrendous!
Such overblown writing – this 10 episode “arc” would have barely covered three tightly written episodes.
Filled with inconsistencies and major plot contradictions (The Jack effect is the biggest one).
A pedophile to be edgy? Gay sex to be edgy? None of it drove the story or added any weight.
Broke against the whole premise of what Torchwood is about – Queen Victoria would be rolling in her werewolf grave!
Yawn fest.
Women were not favourably portrayed at all, not even Gwen this time.
Can I say how much more I disliked it?

I stuck with TMD because I had faith that somehow RTD would dig TMD out of its poo filled grave. It didn’t. The final scene was even worse – I was desperately hoping that a character would just sod off and die from week 1, let alone that person being tied to Torchwood now for possible future episodes.


Review – Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut (S06Ep01)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


So let's get this straight. You are pissy at me cause I went to get my magic drinking straw?

This week:
It is two months since the Pandorica opened and The Doctor saved the universe/world from annihilation (again). He has been having some funtastic adventures, some even with River. When mysterious numbered envelops in TARDIS blue are delivered, the team come back together in Utah for a picnic. But this is Doctor Who, nothing is idillic for long.

OMG the baddies are going to give the Weeping Angels a run for their money.
The power of the baddies.
How cool is it that Mark Sheppard is in this!!??
Amy Pond wears long shorts (I am sure millions of boys cried a little when that happened).
Great moment with Rory and River. The great tragedies of their lives – especially River. Rory just needs to get over himself.
Really strong development of the team as a unit.
Lying with Fish Sticks and Custard.

I really don’t think it needed to go to the States. Yeah Spacemen are in the States, but given the actors are all Brits, what is the point?
The big emotional scene at the beginning – did anyone really think that was it? Really lacked punch.

This wasn’t the episode I was expecting. I don’t know what it was that I wanted, but it wasn’t this. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the subtext within the episode and how it has been set up for next week. As a general rule two parters shit me, I hate waiting, but it usually pays off in the end.


PS. ABC: Why are you showing it a week behind the rest of the world? And people wonder why we rig our computers to be from another country so we can access content internationally.

Review – Being Human (UK) – The Longest Day (S03Ep05)

Friday, February 25th, 2011

No funny caption - this scene touched my heart.

This week:
George gets a shock when Herrick turns up in the psych ward of the hospital, and he is a vampire again. Mitchell shows his true colours while desperate to keep his secret hidden. Nina steps up, George gives an ultimatum and Annie hovers.

Where to start!!!
Jason Watkins’ Herrick was magnificent. Fragile, evil, lost yet in control.
George standing up to Mitchell.
Wendy the over worked Social Worker.
Annie getting her compassion on.
George’s fears and Herrick’s response.
Nina’s reaction to what Herrick finds and Herrick’s manipulation of the event.
Annie and Mitchell (both very powerful scenes).
Comedy, darkness, pain, loss, fear – it was all there in spades.
Cara’s misguided beliefs.

Every word, every nuance – perfect.





Review – Being Human (UK) – The Pack (S03Ep04)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hi, I am Annie and I am a ghost, and you two werewolves are?

This week:
Nina and George try to find the other werewolf George saw last full moon with unforseen consequences for all parties involved. Mitchell makes a deal and shows his true colours. Annie comes up with the plan to have sex with Mitchell.

Robson Green is back.
Vampire bloodbath.
George and Nina’s concern/fear.
Truth hurts.
Secrets and lies – all coming to the fore.

Why are so many of the Welsh vampires total freaks? I liked how “ordinary” they were in the first season.

This episode was all about family – real and created. Robson Green was just fantastic as McNair. He plays a fringe dweller so well you forget him as clean cut Tony Hill so easily. The “next week” teaser looks amazing.


Review – Outcasts – Episode Three (S01Ep03)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

So if you say "Cadaver" with a different inflection it sounds less creepy, right?

This week:
Documents come to light which throw doubt on the end of the dangerous white out cycle that besets Carpathia. Tipper has to stop avoiding his past. Tate comes clean. Fleur takes a risk. Cas’ worst and best qualities are on display and Berger uses religion to manipulate.

More b
ackground on the AC’s.
Character development all over the place.
Good sense of urgency and suspense.
Tipper’s pain and resolve.
Tipper’s breakdown.
Tipper relieving that moment of his youth.
Nice tie back to previous episodes.

There was an awful lot going on this week – can’t decide if it was too much.
Lack of empathy for Tate.
Can they make Berger any more menacing? Maybe if he was the head of Slitheron.

After a disappointing second episode, I was pleasantly relieved that this week’s episode stepped up and delivered us some great acting and quality drama. I admit I cried when Tipper “saw” his sisters again.


Review – Episodes – Episode Five (S01Ep05)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

No really, who have you got to play Lyman?

This week:
LeBlanc, Sean and the plastic surgery queen, Morning, head to a Rape Benefit. Beverly gets jealous and her and Carol share some secrets.

Beverly in the final shot – fantastic acting.
Character development of Sean – not the Morning arc, but why Beverly doesn’t trust him.
Carol almost genuine.
Even when you are enjoying/tolerating success, someone is more successful.
Some great throw away lines regarding the Rape Benefit – Including the Rape Goodie Bag.
Male thinking.

Would like to see more of Tommy (?), their old assistant.

This episode showed us exactly why Beverly was leaving Sean in the pilot. Even though it was done with humour, the pain was evident. Great episode.


PS. I have just seen Episode Six and it was brilliant! The “next week” section looks even better!

Review – Being Human – Type 4 (S03Ep03)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hi Honey, I am home! I may be a bit whiffy though as decomp is well underway.

This week:
The best of intentions have unforeseen consequences. What makes us human? Zombie heartache. Mitchell tries to come to grips with his emotions and past in regards to Annie while controlling a Mitchell Vampire Fan Boy.

Graham idolising Mitchell and copying his life.
Sasha’s emotional journey.
Learning through death.
Nina’s news for George – that is going to be one interesting storyline.
Annie’s fixation.
Sasha not accepting and trying to live her old life.
People are right bastards.

I thought the end of the Graham story wasn’t on point (no pun intended).
Could have been more jokes with Graham.

What really made me love this episode was how it was about “becoming” for all characters, including the guest stars. I was amazed how my empathy was generated for the highly annoying Sasha – fantastic acting and character growth.


Review – Outcasts – Episode 2 (S01Ep02)

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I know I suggested we get high and listen to vinyl, but not sure how you took that to mean stab a guy to death.

This week:
The survivors of the transport arrive on Carpathia. Fall out from Hoban’s death. Fleur has her illusions shattered. The truth beyond the wire is revealed. Berger creates some waves.

Tate’s secret wasn’t as bad as I thought but still has impact. Personally I thought my idea would have been much stronger.
The lure of power and politics.
Character development of Cass.
Humanity is still flawed.

You have to be kidding right? Survivors  just stroll on in, interact with people then get checked out?
I am going to a new planet on the first ship so I take my weight quota in albums and turntables?
Berger way too over done.
A baby now?

After the promise of the first episode, this one really lacked traction for me. There wasn’t that sense of suspense we had in the first with Hoban and the Transporter. Of course the stars would be fine. Maybe this was a ground work episode to set us up for the rest of the series. The problems in the storyline really distracted me – fingers crossed things pick up next week.


Review – Being Human (UK) – Adam’s Family (S03Ep02)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Walking hand in hand into the sunset, as only a ghost and a vampire can.

This week:
A teenage vamp needs help and two werewolves step up. Mitchell is offered an out and Annie interferes way too much in Mitchell’s job hunt.

The “nice” vampires not so nice.
The depths of humanity.
Choices – everyone’s choices.
What makes us human sometimes isn’t what we think.
The anti-werewolf jokes – loved the paper.

Annie really annoyed me this week – I know that was the point but wanted to smack her.
Went a little too far in the pool room.
Mitchell was a bit too wishy-washy for me this week. I know he is dealing with tunnel events and purgatory, but still.
For an isolated place there seems to be a lot of non-humans.

This was an episode that felt very much like the antics of Season One (and that is a good thing). I really liked how George and Nina stepped up and Adam’s final decision.


Review – Outcasts – Series Premier (S01Ep01)

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

You can tell I am serious - I have a gun, beard AND a scarf!

In the year 2040, Earth went to Hell in a handbag. Nuclear weapons, riots etc. Things were bleak. So Colony Transporters set out to inhabit a new found planet. The show picks up after the firsts colonists have been on Carpathia  for ten years when another Transporter has arrived. This is no picture postcard planet. Humans are still humans, filled with secrets and lies enhanced with a large dose of survival.

This week:
Hoban (Bamber) returns to discover he has been betrayed and has murder on his mind. We meet the bulk of our main characters. There are big secrets out there. Families are broken. Minds are read. Fireworks.

Damn it all but Jamie Bamber can sport a light beard like nobody’s business.
Hermoine  Norris!
Stellar cast.
Nice and gritty.
Good mix of characters and well introduced without it seeming contrived.
Lots of clues out there.
It isn’t the great things that make us human, it is our flaws.
Stunning scenery – now way this was shot in GB.

Oh Jamie tell me it ain’t so!
Want to know more NOW!

There is a fair bit of subtrefuge in this show. Everyone seems to have secrets or hidden agendas. My mind is reeling with one hypothesis about a decision Tate made.  Thankfully the next episode (shown the following night in the UK) is DL’ing now. Just hope I am not disappointed.