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Review – Being Human (UK) – The Longest Day (S03Ep05)

Friday, February 25th, 2011

No funny caption - this scene touched my heart.

This week:
George gets a shock when Herrick turns up in the psych ward of the hospital, and he is a vampire again. Mitchell shows his true colours while desperate to keep his secret hidden. Nina steps up, George gives an ultimatum and Annie hovers.

Where to start!!!
Jason Watkins’ Herrick was magnificent. Fragile, evil, lost yet in control.
George standing up to Mitchell.
Wendy the over worked Social Worker.
Annie getting her compassion on.
George’s fears and Herrick’s response.
Nina’s reaction to what Herrick finds and Herrick’s manipulation of the event.
Annie and Mitchell (both very powerful scenes).
Comedy, darkness, pain, loss, fear – it was all there in spades.
Cara’s misguided beliefs.

Every word, every nuance – perfect.





Review – Being Human (UK) – The Pack (S03Ep04)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hi, I am Annie and I am a ghost, and you two werewolves are?

This week:
Nina and George try to find the other werewolf George saw last full moon with unforseen consequences for all parties involved. Mitchell makes a deal and shows his true colours. Annie comes up with the plan to have sex with Mitchell.

Robson Green is back.
Vampire bloodbath.
George and Nina’s concern/fear.
Truth hurts.
Secrets and lies – all coming to the fore.

Why are so many of the Welsh vampires total freaks? I liked how “ordinary” they were in the first season.

This episode was all about family – real and created. Robson Green was just fantastic as McNair. He plays a fringe dweller so well you forget him as clean cut Tony Hill so easily. The “next week” teaser looks amazing.


Review – Being Human – Type 4 (S03Ep03)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hi Honey, I am home! I may be a bit whiffy though as decomp is well underway.

This week:
The best of intentions have unforeseen consequences. What makes us human? Zombie heartache. Mitchell tries to come to grips with his emotions and past in regards to Annie while controlling a Mitchell Vampire Fan Boy.

Graham idolising Mitchell and copying his life.
Sasha’s emotional journey.
Learning through death.
Nina’s news for George – that is going to be one interesting storyline.
Annie’s fixation.
Sasha not accepting and trying to live her old life.
People are right bastards.

I thought the end of the Graham story wasn’t on point (no pun intended).
Could have been more jokes with Graham.

What really made me love this episode was how it was about “becoming” for all characters, including the guest stars. I was amazed how my empathy was generated for the highly annoying Sasha – fantastic acting and character growth.


Review – Being Human (UK) – Adam’s Family (S03Ep02)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Walking hand in hand into the sunset, as only a ghost and a vampire can.

This week:
A teenage vamp needs help and two werewolves step up. Mitchell is offered an out and Annie interferes way too much in Mitchell’s job hunt.

The “nice” vampires not so nice.
The depths of humanity.
Choices – everyone’s choices.
What makes us human sometimes isn’t what we think.
The anti-werewolf jokes – loved the paper.

Annie really annoyed me this week – I know that was the point but wanted to smack her.
Went a little too far in the pool room.
Mitchell was a bit too wishy-washy for me this week. I know he is dealing with tunnel events and purgatory, but still.
For an isolated place there seems to be a lot of non-humans.

This was an episode that felt very much like the antics of Season One (and that is a good thing). I really liked how George and Nina stepped up and Adam’s final decision.


Review – Being Human (UK) – Lia Season Return (S04Ep01)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Way to twist the knife Lia!

This week:
We pick up a week or so after the dramatic conclusion to Season 3. Our favourite non-humans are now in Wales, residing in a B&B and trying to get Annie back. We also meet some of the local non-humans.

Annie and Mitchell’s reunion was just beautiful.
Puppy Fight Club.
Man dragging chicken meets man dragging chicken.
Mitchell still dealing with the fall out of his actions.
It’s all about timing.
The Hawaiian wall.
The bullet scene.
Robson Green!!

If that is Purgatory, why was Annie whinging so much?
Guide “twist” was a little obvious.
No real interaction with the other non-humans.

After all the drama regarding where Annie was being held, it was a bit underwhelming. At least Mitchell’s experiences were more interesting. It was fun to see the three stories play out side by side as their timing complemented eachother and the editing was really well done.

I can’t wait to see more of the other Werewolves, and there is definitely going to be a showdown between the vampires and our friends – not to mention our old friend who is due to make an appearance after being brought back.