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Boardwalk Empire – Ivory Tower

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


Hi Mum!

This week:
Fall out continues from the hooch hijack. People make touch choices and are going to have to live with them  and their own fall out. Insight into the frailties of the “best of men.”

More back-story on Nooky.
Handjob in the woods.
Ribbon twisting.
Capone being a prat – twice.

I know it is still early days but I can’t wait to see some development of the supporting characters.
I am sure some people will say the show is slow – not me though, you know I am a fan of the long con.

Ivory Tower didn’t have that same sense of imagery from the first episode – life and dead on the boardwalk. The second episode was just as luscious as the first. I do adore the use of language and the acting is superb across the board. Also, the scope of this show is just so large, it really is like watching a movie. I can’t wait for some big events/confrontations – it is going to be A-MAZ-ING.


Review – Boardwalk Empire – Pilot/Boardwalk Empire

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Boardwalk Empire Atlantic City Boardwalk Episode 1

Luscious, gorgeously shot and a delight.

This week:
We dive into the luscious world of Prohibition  Atlantic City. Al Capone gets his break. Murder. Mischief. Deals. Busts (both kinds). The beginning of letting go and finding love.

Fantastic sets and art direction.
Incredible acting – Steve Buscemi thy name is Emmy.
Brilliant set up to the series.
Ugliness countered with beauty.
Martin Scorsese.

I thought the opening credits are a bit contrived.

HBO is back with a vengeance.  Based on the real life character of Nucky Thompson – this series raises the bar for TV even higher. The word that keeps coming to mind is luscious. The scope of this show, the sets, the party scenes. Just amazing. No wonder that HBO renewed it after just one episode went to air. A quick Google and I couldn’t see when it was coming to our fair shores – it is available on the US iTunes site which is pretty easy for we Australians to use (if we are clever, which we are).