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Review – Outcasts – Series Premier (S01Ep01)

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

You can tell I am serious - I have a gun, beard AND a scarf!

In the year 2040, Earth went to Hell in a handbag. Nuclear weapons, riots etc. Things were bleak. So Colony Transporters set out to inhabit a new found planet. The show picks up after the firsts colonists have been on Carpathia  for ten years when another Transporter has arrived. This is no picture postcard planet. Humans are still humans, filled with secrets and lies enhanced with a large dose of survival.

This week:
Hoban (Bamber) returns to discover he has been betrayed and has murder on his mind. We meet the bulk of our main characters. There are big secrets out there. Families are broken. Minds are read. Fireworks.

Damn it all but Jamie Bamber can sport a light beard like nobody’s business.
Hermoine  Norris!
Stellar cast.
Nice and gritty.
Good mix of characters and well introduced without it seeming contrived.
Lots of clues out there.
It isn’t the great things that make us human, it is our flaws.
Stunning scenery – now way this was shot in GB.

Oh Jamie tell me it ain’t so!
Want to know more NOW!

There is a fair bit of subtrefuge in this show. Everyone seems to have secrets or hidden agendas. My mind is reeling with one hypothesis about a decision Tate made.  Thankfully the next episode (shown the following night in the UK) is DL’ing now. Just hope I am not disappointed.


Review – Fairly Legal – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Wait! Kate! No! Don't go outside! We have blown our CGI budget already!

Kate Reed is an ex-lawyer who now mediates for her recently deceased father’s law firm. She was married to the DA (Trucco), hates her step-mother who runs her father’s firm now, and adores/abuses her assistant. Through dodging the law and taking some less than ethical risks, Kate will manage to save the day for everyone, and maybe save herself along the way.

The use of Wizard of Oz as ring tones.
Patrick Gilmore.
The idea that lawyers (well ex lawyers) do want to do the right thing.
Interesting family dynamic.
Judge David Nicastro played by the always enjoyable Gerald McRaney.
Buffy and geek moments!

Shocking stereotyping.
Were Trucco’s teeth always that huge and white?
It sure as heck wasn’t shot in San Fransico – CGI blowed.
Do all Aussie sailors hook up with anything in a skirt?

For all its faults, I actually enjoyed this how. Yes it is still finding its feet and they are CGI’ing in San Fran landmarks, but it was a nice little narrative. Some aspects I can see tiring me fast. How she is always late for one – complete disrespect. Trucco’s teeth is another. I am looking forward to seeing how the dynamic progresses. Mind you, if the ratings were anything to go by, I probably won’t get much of a chance.

Apparently Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate and Young and the Restless fame is a recurring star. It is going to need all the help it can get.

Oh I also think it is ironic that a show for USA Network was probably shot in Canada.


Review – Human Target – Ilsa Pucci (S02Ep01) (Season Two Premier)

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

It is a couple of minutes in and I haven't shot anyone yet, wanna be the first?

This week:
We pick up 48 hours after the end of season one. Winston has been kidnapped, so Chance and Guerrero are getting him back. Chance decides to leave the business and goes to the end of the world (no, not Loganholme). 6 months later he is back protecting Ilsa Pucci as someone is trying to kill her, and he and the team have to keep her alive while flushing out said baddies. We also meet a new team member or two.

Nice red herrings.
Finally some female characters.
Couple of quite funny moments.
Tahmoh Penikett (BSG and Dollhouse) was a pleasant surprise.
Timothy Omundson of Deadwood, Jerricho and Psych fame reprised his role.
I loved how they pulled off the rescue.

What happened to The Old Man?
Who picked up The Book? (I re-watched that part and can’t see who it was – maybe Chance when he left? If not it had to be Guerrero.)
The eyes have it.
Dumbed down the motive a little too much.

This episode was nothing but fun. Human Target can sometimes go too far, but this one was just inside the realms of believability for the show. I got to say, I love what Ilsa did with the office. Thankfully it is raining today, so I might just have to watch another episode!


Review – Battlestar Galatica – Season Two

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

And the bar of great scifi changes forever in Season Two during my favourite episode - Downloaded

This season follows our merry band of anti-heroes for the next 7 months (plus a year’s jump at the end of the season). This season also explores the Cylon perspective in more detail, changing the face of the show and taking the questioning of humanity to a whole new level.

Helo finally gets off Caprica.
Sharon replaces the whiny Boomer.
Cmdr Adama goes from one setting (hard) to two settings (hard and soft).
Kara gets her man.
Nice long season.
Up close and personal with the Cylons.
Admiral Cain.
Lee Adama’s development.
The journey to Hell is paved with good intentions that are quickly forgotten.
Minor characters move to the front.

Not nearly enough Leoben.
We get filler eps.
Billy goes bubbye.
Roslin getting her Mysticism on.
Lee Adama getting yet another promotion.
Madame Air Lock.
Roslin stealing the election.

Knowing as I do, what is coming, it is amazing how many things are mentioned, even telegraphed in this season. At the time of first viewing, of course, I was caught up in the journey. This time, yes the journey is highly engaging, but this time I can see the big picture.  Makes me realise just how much of a mishmash Lost was. You can see point after point that relates to where this is going, they knew.


Review – Battlestar Galatica – Season One

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Humanity, its gifts and curses are explored in Flesh and Bone, my second favourite episode of Season One.

13 episodes that I have seen many a time before – they used to play almost continuously on SciFi mixed with SG1 back after SciFi first went live here on Cable in Australia. That being said, I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

Follows the first 30 or so days after The Fall, with our “rag tag fleet/band of heroes” fleeing the Cylons. In case you didn’t know, they have a plan! The annihilation of humanity. The questions of God and humanity are explored in more depth in Season One, but we are only just beginning to scratch the surface, while our 50,000 odd humans try and find “Earth.”

Leoben. He was always my favourite Cylon.
Whiny Sharon stops being centre stage finally!
Lee develops as a highly conflicted goody two shoes.
Minor characters begin to be fleshed out.
Space physics.
The tech.
Zarek and the first hat tip.
Starbuck character redesign.
I had totally forgotten the homoerotic hero-worship that Gaeta had for Baltar.

My favourite characters (mostly minor characters in Season One don’t get a lot of air time).
Damn Roslin was annoying! I really disliked her from mid-Season Two on, but I dislike her already!
Cmdr Adama has one setting in Season One.
Not enough Cylon megalomania.

As I mentioned, I had seen this season so many times, usually out of order after the first airing, so it was brilliant to run it through. The Tighs are still my least favourite characters, with Ellen the #1 on my hit list. I must admit was fun to watch this after watching The Plan, as I mentally filled in a lot of the blanks.

Still really holds it own (including the CGI), even if its approach, style and gritty drama have been over emulated time and time again. Watching this makes me realise just how soft SGU and even Caprica was in comparison.


Review – Battlestar Galatica – Pilot/Mini-Series

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

When did space capes stop being cool?

Some 40ish years after the first Cylon wars, the Cylons return from their new home with vengeance on their mind. The colonists have no idea what hits them. This is essentially the brief lead up to the first day following the “fall.” Questions of faith, humanity, belief and right and wrong are asked that we spend the next 80 odd hours answering.

God gods – I had forgotten so much which meant I got sucked in totally again!
Jamie Bamber was so young! Almost as young as when he was in Hornblower!
I had totally forgotten the early animosity of Apollo and Adama and that Tigh was a drunkard!
Damn, those reduxed cylons were sharply designed!
The well played out deceptions (and there were a lot of them).

What is it about space robots with maniacal plans than make them overly dramatic and need to compensate?

Just how amoral Baltar was.
Lots of pew pew pew.
Really sharp editing.
The line from Adama to Leoben that man didn’t give the cylons a soul – so much more meaning after watching Caprica.

I had forgotten just how grainy it was.
Was Roslin always that annoying? I know I didn’t like her when she got all mystical, but I don’t remember disliking her so early.

It was great to go back and watch this – it must have been 6 years since I last watched it. It was interesting to see how much of the style has been adopted, especially the camera work, into TV and movies now to make it “gritty.” Still brilliant after all these years. Bring on Season One again!


Review – Battlestar Galatica – The Plan

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

What do you mean? His jacket was plum, this is teal!

Retelling of the destruction of the colonies and the attempt at the Fleet surviving (up to the end of the second series from memory) but from the perspective of the cylons. It deals specifically with the interations of Cavill (#1) though we do get some solid face time with other cylons.

It was really good to see Anders more fleshed out.
Grace Park got her acting on and played Boomer incredibly well – much better than her whiny telling of the 8s.
One journey – two paths.
It moved along quite well for the most part.
The duplicity of the 6’s and Cavill was also well done.

Well whatever you do don’t watch this if you never saw BSG – it is chocked pack filled with spoilers.
I know it was told from the 1’s but he was always my least favourite, even if he is played by Stockwell.
I thought way too much time looking at Galen and some random new character.
Too much stock footage.
Unnecessary salaciousness.

When I was talking about buying this and watching, I was told it made up for how bad season three was… but to be honest, I don’t remember season three sucking. I am spending part of the Christmas break rewatching BSG from the beginning (partly to make up for how disappointing Caprica was), and while the majority was OK, the moments of brilliance reminded me why I loved this show (ignoring its preachiness).


Review – Caprica – Here Be Dragons

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

If only we followed more of Lacy's story this show wouldn't have sucked so hard

This week:
Daniel, Amanda and Sam journey deeper into V-World to meet with Zoe and Tamara. The Tauran mafia comes after Joseph and his family. Clarice and her followers get to their prize. Lacy gets her revolution on and Zoe tries on a new/old outfit.

Some decent suspense while the Greystones were out of the real world and Clarice and co were trying to break in.
The Lacy execution scene.
Action – plot development – serious this was the most eventful ep in the history of Caprica – unfortunately it wasn’t executed v well.
Sam as always.

Pretty lame dragons.
Obvious what was going to happen with Zoe and the timing.
The ONE thing I said I wouldn’t accept they did… really? It is just stupid.
Atrocious editing as usual.
Too much happening with not enough cohesion.
Umm so where was Tamara?
Skin Jobs line.

I was kind of enjoying this episode even with its faults but the whole Greystones in the forrest was way overshot – 3 mins would have been fine – we are clever – we know when the lights go down day has changed to night. I am majorly disappointed in what they did to one of the minor characters – which I won’t say here as I try not to do spoilers – but it blows major holes in all of BSG on so many levels. It was a cheap and easy twist that was, well, lame.


PS. One more ep to go – now that I know who is going to be uploaded I don’t want to see it – all I want to see is what Lacy does with the STO and how that leads to the First Cylon War.

Another BSG Spin Off!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

I still can't see him without remembering that awful pre-Fall drinking binge.

If you don’t follow the awesome Jace via @televisionary (who also writes for @thedailybeast FYI) you won’t have seen this yet.

Blood and Chrome is being pushed from a webseries into a pilot as a the lead for a new BSG series.

Caprica’s speed (or lack of it) and day to day routine life on Caprica has failed to inspire many viewers who want to see vipers pew pew pewing in space.

Blood and Chrome is a young Adama (post tween as he is in Caprica) as an Ensign at the start of the Cylon war.

The writing is on the wall in New Cap City it seems. I just hope we get some resolution.

Click the pic of a non-spewing Adama to read the whole story by Jace.

Review – Caprica – Unvanquished

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Silver Hot Pants Anyone?

This week:
Religion. Questions. Bargains. Deadwaker. Silver hot pants and Murder.

Final twist at end, not the second final one, the final one.
Two plans, one objective.
Female Pope.

et tu Clarice?
Unrealistic fight scene.
Only one turn of the episode surprised me.
Totally wasted James Masters.
Very slow (even for Caprica).

Yes Caprica moves at a pace that makes Rubicon look like a Ferrari, but I like the questions it asks. Also when it does move, the pace takes your breath away. I especially like the idea of a man made heaven, a guarantee for an investment (spiritual and financial) – which is what the church has been doing for centuries on both levels. Also what is it that makes us human? This was a great ongoing underlying journey within BSG and I do like the way it is being approached in Caprica.