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Review – Community – Biology 101 (S03Ep01)

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Little dry there Abed?

This week:
The gang is back for class after the summer off. Greendale will always be Greendale no matter how normal Jeff may wish it (through song) to be. Abed discovers British TV – including Cougarton Abbey.  Jeff learns about himself, we meet some new characters, and some old ones go on new journeys.

The forementioned Cougarton Abbey.
Pearch and Jeff dynamic.
Chimpanzzzzzzz (LMFAO).
Jeff post Chimpanzzzzzz.
OMG the Vice-Dean!
Matching outfits!

No John Oliver.
I love Community – you all know that. This was a great entre back into the show. It wasn’t a big set piece like some previous episodes, but it nicely set the scene for the year to come, while getting us up to speed on the Summer and the new characters (or changes in direction for existing ones).


Review – Community – Paradigms of Human Memory (S02Ep21)

Monday, April 25th, 2011

And then we all had icecream.... NOOOOOOOOO!

This week:
We reminise over the year that was with our favourite study group as they work on their 20th diarama. We look back on all the classic moments while they poke fun at clip shows, and themselves.

Annie’s Boobs.
Jeff’s speeches.
Romantic slo-mo.
The Cape.
Red long underwear.
Abed’s brain.
A slicked up Chang.
The diarama itself – loved Chang’s placement.
Sing, sing, sing.
The Dean.

No Starburns (but I am just trying to think of a negative).

Yet another 5 panda outting from the brilliant mind of Dan Harmon and the whole Community Crew. Each time I see such a brilliant episode from Community, I wonder “Where to from here?” as the bar is set and reset so high, but they do not disappoint.


Review – Community – Critical Film Studies (S02Ep19)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Heading back, on the track, for a little green bag.

This week:
It is Abed’s birthday, so Jeff arranges an awesome Pulp Fiction party for him. Unbeknownst to Jeff, Abed has his own plans – to have a proper sit down dinner with real conversation.

OMG Abed’s sweater! (This plus the voiceover was an instant tell to the movie they were taking on this week)
The gang’s Pulp fiction outfits.
Troy and the suitcase.
Dany Pudi’s acting.
Jeff’s voice over.
So amazingly funny.
Jeff backstory.
Britta character development.
Not too much Pearce.
Cougar Town (say it in a breathy way).

Little too much Chang (not my favourite character).

With homages to two movie classics as well as the running Cougar Town story line, this episode was up there with the best. The story within a story within a story within a story. Classic. I don’t want to say much more because it will give it away, but if you have seen the major movie this episode hangs on (not Pulp Fiction) you will love every single second of this week’s Community, and probably will love it anyway.

In fantastic recent (since I last blogged about Community) it has been renewed for a third season. It is so nice to see a smart comedy finally accepted and not left hanging with a reasonably early renewal.


Review – Community – Intro to Political Science (S02Ep17)

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

This may be my sister's outfit, but do you think these shorts make me look fat, Annie?

This week:
Progressive yet folksy Joe Biden is coming to Greendale to meet the Dean and the student council. With no student council, elections have to be held immediately. What could possibly go wrong?

Abed action (as much as Abed can).
Secret Service.
Jeff’s total domination of the debate without saying a thing.
Annie’s AV presentation. I laughed so hard I almost cried.
Greendale CCTV – loved their ticker too.
Key marks (Had me laughing before the credits).
The Dean’s sister.
Pierce wasn’t nearly as annoying as usual.


I loved this episode on so many levels. Abed and the Secret Service interactions were just glorious. Annie and Jeff’s interactions. Pierce’s motivations… all gold. Such a strong show, and this episode was great.


Review – Community – Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking (S02Ep16)

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Not ABED, just Abed, talking to camera.

This week:
Abed is making a documentary which follows the aftermath and fall out of Pearce’s park bench adventure. There is bequething, Levar Burton, a punch up and the Explainibrag.

Kunta Kinte jokes.
Community once again breaking the mold of the 30 min sit com.
The documentary voiceover.
Took them out of their comfort zone of Greendale.
Troy’s emotional ride.
Annie’s rational.

The funniest parts weren’t the characters.
No Starburns.
No Chang.

I know I haven’t reviewed the last few eps of Community. With so many others outstanding, my focus was elsewhere, but after such a great twist on the genre, I had to, especially after I tried to watch CBS’s new sitcom Mad Love. I couldn’t even make it to the opening credits. Even when Community is above its own par, it is still strokes ahead of anything else.


Review – Mr. Sunshine – Employee of the Year (S01Ep02)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hey, I am playing to type! What do you mean I can't wear my purity ring?

This week:
Ben has worked at the Sunshine Centre for 10 years and is looking for some recognition. Crystal decides to run a competition for best staff member. A Jonas brother plays a pop idol and Alice and Alonzo have some not so friendly competition.

Better writing than the pilot.
More development of the characters.
The pop star story line and its resolution.

Janney’s character is still woefully overdone.
Just how bright are Nate Torrence’s teeth? Distracting as all hell.

Let’s be honest, this is a long way from being in the same league as Community (which I am well behind with reviews) but it didn’t quite suck this week.


Review – Community – Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

The Great Christmas Wizard here to get a paper published, I mean help Abed.

This week:
Abed sees the world in stop motion animation and even sings and dances. Christmas songs. Real HumBugs. A world where the atmosphere is 7% cinnamon.  Home truths. Friends coming together.

John Oliver guesting again.
The representations of each of the characters and their meanings.
The meaning of Christmas!
Sad, Sad Christmas Song.
Christmas Wizard.
“Troy and Abed in Stop Motion!”
Pearce’s squeaking whenever he took a step.

It was enjoyable but 20 mins of stop motion was plenty.
No StarBurns.

Overall, it was everything you want a Christmas episode to be. Everyone learnt something, realised the importance of something and used a pterodactyl to get rid of what you don’t want.

And may I just say I rule for getting the spelling of pterodactyl right on my first try without even having to look it up!


Review – Community – Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Learning, Reading and other courses for credit for Greendale's night classes

This week:
When a lie becomes truth and all truth becomes lies. Pillow fort of gigantic proportions. Professor S. Professorson. Britta in a den in iniquity. Best chase scene ever.

Everything from the moment it started to the last second of the closing credits.
So many brilliant lines, infact there has been a lot of quoting going on today in twitter.
Said chase scene.
Toy guns.
Zing, double zing, triple zing, quadruple zing.
Seriously just everything this week was brilliant.

You know it was a killer episode when your twitter has this sort of ongoing conversation that is too long to screen grab.

Not a single thing comes to mind.

From brilliant lines, comebacks, to set pieces and the end credits, this episode is now up there with the bestest ever in Community. I can’t believe they managed to get Annie a gun, let alone say “Annie’s got a gun!” The bar has been reset on what can be done in a primetime sitcom, and we have finally seen the allocation of the mythical and mystical #fivepandas. In other news, Community is going to be up against Idol in the States – but I think we are safe, because only people with brains watch Community – so totally a different market to that of Idol.


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Review – Community – Cooperative Calligraphy

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

It's called a Bottle Episode, Troy.


This week:
We learn what a bottle episode is. Clothes come off. Slim Jims are in the most unusual places. Real feelings under the surface simmer up. Annie’s Boobs.

Excellent dynamic of the cast – was great to see the alliances change so fast.
Brutal comments in self defense.
Annie’s Boobs.
Troy putting two and two together.
Puppy Parade.
Did I mention there were puppies?

No Starburns.

This was a fantastic little episode, with some brilliant tie ins to previous episodes and each character was themselves, but amped up to 11. It was really fantastic to see what can be achieved with dialogue and good acting. Dan Harmon is my hero.

Apparently you can see the moment that the pen goes astray (when the Dean comes in the first time) but I can’t catch it.

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SPOILER TWO: Thanks to Simon for this link to the exact moment of the incident!

Review – Community – Aerodynamics of Gender

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

What do you mean my makeup stops at my chin!?!?

This week:
Abed becomes what can only be describe as RoboCop of girls’ self confidence. Troy and Jeff discover the Bounce. Pearce spoils everything. Nazism.

Loved the whole “Secret Garden” thing when Troy first encounters it.
Abed’s “assessment” program.
All girls really are bitches.
The return of the status quo was wonderfully done.
End gag with StarBurns.
Lots of awesome Chang moments.

I didn’t really get the whole bounce thing – it must be an analogy for something or a twist on another show which I didn’t get. Was it for smoking weed out the back of the classroom or something?
Pearce wasn’t even his endearingly annoying self and therefore Chase wasn’t given the opportunity to be funny.

This was a fun episode but the two plot lines didn’t really mesh for me – I loved the Abed one, but the Jeff and Troy one didn’t resonate or even make me laugh – other than the maze joke during a montage at the end. It is still a fantastic show, but the bar is so high now (I feel like I say this a lot) that anything less than a stellar ep leaves me unsatisfied and anticipating next week.

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