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Review – The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
Maybe if we eat throughout the food we can stay awake

Maybe if we eat throughout we can stay awake

To say I was excited about The Hobbit would be a complete understatement. I followed all the pre-release info with bated breath. Imagine my disappointment to not being able to go and see it the instant it opened? (I was involved in a car vs cyclist incident) So I waited and waited. Avoided reviews, opinions and stayed true. I finally saw it in late January shortly before heading back to hospital for surgery. Urgh.

Nothing happens.

Was nice to see the familiar locations and style.
So many of the cast were actors I have enjoyed for years.

Does Jackson need a new island or something? Cuase there is NO reason to drag this out so badly.
The writing was so untidy. Yes The Lord of the Rings was long but it moved. The Hobbit was a rollicking fast adventure story, not a long drawn out battle with Hobbit Cancer.
Was absolutely unwatchable to someone who had a shorter attention span (due to injuries).
Filled with tosh – and not the good Tosh.0 either.

I gave up after about 50 mins or so – when Bilbo was about to go snatched by the Trolls.

Nothing happened. I remember a funny piece by The Onion about how the movie was 50 mins of Bilbo deciding what to pack. Yeah, that.

If I ever break my leg again and am high on pain killers I might give it another go, but for now, I’ll just wait for the third movie, then wait for it to come to TV, then possibly go out that night.






#OnePanda (but only because I loved LOTR so much).

Review – Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


WHEE! Puppies!

This is a hugely sprawling fantasy socio-political drama in a world quite different (but with relatable similarities) to our own. Factions, intrigue and a magic thoughs of years old and lost. Sometimes you really don’t see the forrest for the trees.

Loved the opening credits. So many shows now, the credits are all just like sex with a 16yo boy.
We meet the main players (there are a lot and this doesn’t dumb it down for you so hang in there) and get a sense of the menaces rising within and around Westeros – both manmade and supernatural.
Beauty really can be skin deep.
Deception is everything.
Power corrupts so wonderfully.
Accept the label that people give you and make it your own.
Bothers and Sisters – love, power, care and domination.
The ending – a great way to keep the tension.
Sean Bean – nuff said.

We didn’t really get a sense of the relationship between the Stark children and the dire wolves. It really should have been developed further IMHO given what is coming.

I have been following this since there were whispers of it being made, so I am just chuffed that it is finally out and I am seeing one of my favourite fantasy dramas coming to life. That HBO is doing vs Hallmark is a HUGE relief. So far it hasn’t disappointed AND it has already been renewed.


Review – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

I'll say one thing for Hogwarts, they have a good teacher to pupil ratio.

Harry and co are yet again pursued by dark forces, outside of Hogwarts and within. 50% of the movie is unnecessary padding. They play some Quidditch (why?). Harry goes against everyone’s advice and puts people in danger. Snape acts all nefarious. Malfoy is all suspicious and nasty. Things end bleaker than Empire Strikes Back.

The comedic timing was pretty good in this movie – though added little to the over all development of the story.

Way too much unnecessary pap.
It is like the soul of the book has been split and hidden in its own holcrux.
Too much of the movie was irrelevant.
The charm was gone.
It didn’t have the sense of urgency of other movies.
The lovey dovey stuff was poorly done.
So many missed opportunities.

If the movie wasn’t by far the worst of the franchise so far, I would be tempted to watch it again and time how much of that movie was pointless – on second thoughts I probably wouldn’t like the answer – as I fear it would be more than the 50% I mentioned above.

For me, the best movie (and book) has been Prisoner from Azkabam (directed brilliantly by Alfonso Cuarón) – this movie, while a reasonably enjoyable way to pass the time, wasn’t the same sort of excellence as Prisoner. The movies are going down hill – like the books.


PS. Was the cinematic release also over 2.5 hours long? Jeez – who can sit still in a poor movie for that long?

PPS. I think I actually tried to watch this before – as I remembered the cave scene – which makes me think I fell asleep when I got the DVD out last time.