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Review – Fringe – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (S03Ep19)

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

There were so many Orcs! I couldn't save her!!!

This week:
Walter, Pete and Belly venture into Olivia’s subconscious to try and get her back. Broyles expeirences something new, and everyone loses something.

Where to start?
How Olivia’s consciousness is manifested was such a surprise I don’t want to mention it.
Peter getting it right.
Olivia backstory.

For a moment I thought “Inception” ho hom… thankfully I was very wrong.

This is very brief because I don’t want to give anything away. The ending though – that was chilling.


Review – Breaking In – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, April 10th, 2011


We get paid to be bad... I'll allow it.

Cameron Price (Bret Harrison – V, Reaper, The Loop) has Uni all figured out. After hacking the computer system, he has made it his bitch. Along comes  Oz (Christian Slater) and his team at Contra Security (a company that is hired to put security to the test), and Cameron’s life will never be the same again.

This week:
Pilot so a lot of introductions and scene setting. Cameron has to steal an expensive car as his first case while getting constantly harassed about office birthdays and pranked as the newbie. What could possibly go wrong?

Boom goes the dynamite. Awesome pranking.
I’ll allow it.
Sky Mall.
Snappy dialogue.
Heaps of fun.
Good running gags that didn’t lose their impact.
Slater gets to continue his love of all things Star Trek.

A little stereotypical.
Lot of pressure on the case of the week scenario to keep it so engaging.

This was a remarkably enjoyable romp. I will certainly be continuing to catch this. It reminds me a little of Better Off Ted in its style and dialogue.


Review – Fringe – Bloodline (S03Ep18)

Monday, March 28th, 2011


Oh Seth, your hair is much better in Other There.

This week:
We are back in the Red, and pick up on Fauxlivia’s pregnancy. All is not well for Fauxlivia – she thinks she is being followed and her fellow Fringe Division Agents thinks that they don’t really know what is going on. Add to this a disease from Over There plus an abduction and the scene is set.

No waiting around for this story arc.
Not your usual case of the week.
Great development and use of Seth Gabel’s Lee.
Always nice to see Charlie Francis alive and well.
Hi there Fauxlivia’s mum.
Oh Walternate it was obvious but I feel you let me down.
Torv totally got me – and I am admit I cried.
Lee’s declaration.
Francis and Lee’s final moments.
Henry, our favourite cabbie, is back.

Didn’t feel that sense of urgency about Fauxlivia’s situations.
The twist was telegraphed a little too strongly.
Since when are the Observers so obvious?

After a very weak episode with Os and then a solid episode last week with Stowaway, we are back in the Fringe heartland of great TV. Oh and the title of the final episode has been released – OMG – but I won’t say anything here.


Review – Fringe – Stowaway (S03Ep17)

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

When old friends like these meet, anything is possible.

This week:
Bellie joins the team and Walter is having a grand old time of it. Peter is facing yet another challenge in his relationship with Olivia, and a woman who can’t die is trying to hitch a ride to heaven.

Seth Gable as a guest star. He would be a great recurring character.
Walter and William – what a team.
William flirting with Astrid.
Very nice case of the week.
I must admit I didn’t see what happened happening – more of a vessel arc for that character.

Torv just doesn’t convince me in this capacity.

I really loved the idea of this episode. That someone can get stuck. It was approached very differently to Type 4 in Being Human. You can’t say this was better or worse than their take on it as they came it from a totally different direction. I must admit I had more empathy for Sasha than I did for Dana Grey but that was predominately because we knew so much more about her.


Review – Fringe – Os (S03Ep16)

Sunday, March 13th, 2011


"You canno' break the laws of physics!"

This week:
Floating men found in Boston. Peter and Olivia are all “Summer of Love.” Walter is wearing his guilt poorly. Hurley got a job off The Island. William Bell.

Always fun to see Hurley (Jorge Garcia) though massively under utilised.
Interesting concept.

Peter and Olivia all smiley happy BS. You don’t want to be happy in a gritty SciFi drama – didn’t anyone tell them that?
Walter’s over inflated self importance/self blame.
One day Astrid will tell Walter to go eff himself.
Nina getting way too close to Walter.
The manifestation – oh please…. why that character and not someone like Hurley?
Very much a case of the week with little to move us forward.

Overall, I was quite disappointed in this episode. After last week’s outstanding episode, this one just didn’t stand up to Series Three standards. Bring on next week please.


Review – Fringe – Subject 13 (S03Ep15)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Recorded on Doctor Walter's handy Beta Max.

1985 Fringe Opening Credits HD

This week:
We go back in time to 1985, 6 months after Peter was taken from Over There. We see life in both universes, how both families deal with the grief, and how Peter is dealing with that knowledge.

OMG So that is how Walternate knows!
Peter and the city below the lake.
What made Walternate.
Why Walter was using the Cortexiphan kids.
A field of white tulips.
Crossing over and seeing sky ships.
Orla Brady is once again outstanding as Elizabeth Bishop (in both worlds).
John Nobel plays the same character, the same person but different so well.
Peter and Olivia (the two child actors were amazing).
Peter’s choice of a toy. I wonder if that is because he wants to go home.
BSG – though I remember BSG as before 1985.
Rubic’s Cube.
Space Shuttles.
Star Wars.
Elizabeth’s lies – heart breaking.
How far Walter was willing to go.
Peter being so careful in his words to Olivia.

Why didn’t Peter remember?
Some of the attention to detail was off, but that didn’t detract for me at all.

After an iffy episode last week that didn’t leave me inspired to blog at all, this one took my breath away. The Peter development. The greater understanding of early Olivia (not just what happens at the clinic). Amazing.


Review – The Chicago Code – Gillis, Chase & Baby Face (S01Ep03)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011


I am just going to sip my coffee while I try and not outsmart myself.

This week:
Wysocki and Evers are on the hunt for armed bank robbers. Colvin’s actions put Wysocki and Evers in danger. Organised crime go all passive aggressive. Colvin goes gunning for Gibbons via the Irish Mob.

Holy twists and turns, Batman.
The two major stories this week really complimented each other with great cross over.
The depths of corruption.
Play and double play.
100% engaging.
Wysocki vs Moosekian.
Outstanding writing.

I was disappointed in Wysocki’s niece’s choice but understand the peer thing, but still given her background I thought it unlikely.

The Chicago Code is far and away my favourite show on TV right now. Its intelligent writing and story arcs, incredible acting and brilliant delivery makes this show my #1 on the watch list. Make it yours too. The Chicago Code is on USiTunes.


Review – The Chicago Code – Hog Butcher (S01Ep02)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Guessing these aren't to refill your pez.

This week:
Emotional, physical and political fall out from the death of Colvin’s driver. Isaac and Vonda decide to shine while the rest of the force are searching for the Cop Killer.

Really interesting to see how the force focused on finding the shooter.
Great red herrings – I totally fell for the last one.
Interesting dynamic between Colvin and Wysocki.
That scene at the end just ups the anti something shocking.
Nice development for Vonda and Isaac – be interesting to see how that now flows into the major arc.
Looking forward to seeing more of Moosekian.
Wysocki has fast become the most interesting cop on the box.

Felt it unusual that Hennessey would call – but Wysocki broached that.
Will the bad blood to Colvin continue to hinder her attempts to clean up the city? Not sure they can keep pushing that.
Still not convinced on the voiceovers but they are good at driving the story forward very fast.

This was a great episode. After such a strong first ep/pilot I was ready for a slightly less strong second episode. If anything, this dragged me deeper into the story. Can’t wait for the next instalment.


Review – The Chicago Code – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

In case you didn't know, I kick butt, take names and clean up this city before I finish my breakfast bagel.

After a life of witnessing the impact of bribery in her home town of Chicago, Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals – yes the Flashdance chick) becomes Police Commissioner, and is going to clean up the city – from corrupt politicians to street thugs. With ex-partner (and rule breaker) Jarek Wysocki (Australia’s Jason Clarke – Rabbit-Proof Fence, Farscape, Home and Away and Brotherhood to name just a few) by her side – they will break the unwritten law behind the law.

Amazing character development without dumbing down.
Great peak behind the corridors of power and what it costs to stay there.
Great supporting cast – not an off beat.
Interesting family/relationship dynamics.

Not sure I really liked the voice overs, but the one that is cut short is just so powerful.

I must admit I wasn’t interested in this show at all – I thought it was yet another un-needed police procedural. Jace from The Daily Beast and Televisionary set me straight, so I followed his advice and watched. I am pleased I did, as it makes Blue Bloods lack real depth.

TEN is showing Blue Bloods, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they picked up The Chicago Code as well – they have a lot of police drama.


Review – Fringe – Concentrate and Ask Again (S03Ep12)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Hot dress, loaded weapon and worried about my man. Ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

This week:
Olivia contemplates Peter’s feelings for her. People’s bones get turned to jelly. Another Cortexiphan kid comes into play. We get some traction with The First People arc including “The Device.” Olivia learns an uncomfortable truth.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
Interesting case of the week – not the usual.
Olivia’s concern and developing feelings.
Peter’s character development.
Still parts of Fauxlivia in Olivia.
Olivia centric but not so much as to put you off.
What it means to know what someone is thinking.
Peter’s interaction with The Device.
The continued darkness in Peter.

Walter didn’t really gel for me this episode.
Was hoping for a Red episode.
I don’t want Olivia and Peter romance story lines.

This was an interesting way to forward the Olivia, Fauxlivia and Peter storylines. It also moved us closer to the season finale where Peter will interact with The Device (I assume). The focus firmly on Olivia only highlighted how much Peter isn’t the Peter we know. In fact he is a lot closer to first half of season one Peter. Not so much “fixer” Peter, but in touch with the less open side of his personality.

Not a bad episode, but certainly not to the same standard as the last few.