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Review – Hawaii Five-0 – E Malama (S01Ep16)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Sorry honey, I can't talk now, a vicious creature from outer space is killing my team.

This week:
Danny’s family is put at risk and a witness fights for her life when a hit is put out on her. McGarrett gets his Arnie on. Kono gets to kick some butt again.

Kono flying solo and putting the pieces together.
Danny stepping through his dislike of his ex-wife’s new husband.
Some great throw away lines in the Danny story line.
Lots of stupid police work! (it is one of the reasons I love it)
No product placement.

The barefooted witness was wearing visible Five Fingers.
If you are trying to keep someone alive, wouldn’t you give them your bullet proof vest, especially if they are going to sit on the bike behind you and get shot at?

This wasn’t a good week for Hawaii Five-0 Bingo, and apart from Predator homage/ripoff, it was a fun episode. I am not sure which way Chin-Ho Kelly is supposed to go though. One week he is tech guy, then he is action hero… maybe in Hawaii you can do both!

This week’s title E Malama means “to protect” which ties in nicely with the themes.


PS.  Looks like I forgot to watch last week’s show. A tsunami expert got kidnapped… just another day in Hawaii – though I wonder how the international crime syndicates could be behind it.

Review – Hawaii Five-0 – He Kane Hewa’ole (S01Ep14)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

No Chin, I have to wear these cargo pants every episode. I think because we are sponsored by Banana Republic. I still look bad arse right?

This week:
Father / Son issues hit home for McGarrett. A head without a body leads the Five-0 on a merry chase looking for the murderer, the body, and the missing wife. Chin was more than a suspected dirty cop. Kono holds grudges and beats herself up. The day is saved, lives are changed and we get a life lesson in immigration.

The running CHiPS gag – really added to the episode and the dynamics.
Development of the relationships of McGarrett and Danny.
Character backstory for Chin – interesting dynamic with Kono and part of Chin’s past.

Tad too schmaltzy at the end, but that is getting pretty stock standard for the show.
No “Book him, Danno” in the show.
No Hawaii Five-0 Bingo – yes there was a dead body, but no-one got their kit off this week.
Way bit obvious with the clues.
The twists were miss-timed and really didn’t add to the story.
Felt like I was watching Blue’s Clues.

It isn’t often I am left a little off after Hawaii Five-0. If it hadn’t been for the CHiPS gag, this show would have left me rather cold. Very weak episode for this normally highly enjoyable romp of a show.
By the way, this week’s ep “He Kane Hewa’ole” means “an innocent man” which ties in with just how obvious everything was in this episode.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Ke Kinohi (S01Ep13)

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

You can tell just how bad arse I am by my fierce pink hair extension, biatch!

First up – let me say that I know I am way behind in reviews – I do plan to catch up, maybe with a multi-ep review.

This week:
McGarrett’s little sis (Mary Ann) has been kidnapped and it ties back into the Champ case left to McGarrett with his dad’s last few words. Corruption goes very high in Hawaii it seems. Motorcycles, the Yakuza and golf.

Good use of tension.
The ep wasn’t all about getting Mary Ann back.
McGarrett goes all Ninja-Seal for the episode.
Nice background development on McGarrett.
Danny still has the best lines.
There was actually some acting this week.
Solved the recent mystery of McGarrett’s mum’s murder.
Opened new mini-arcs for team to solve instead of case of the week.

A bike up the stairs into a building with Yakuza who would all be packing guns? Sure.
Let’s kidnap you but leave you your phone.
Not much Chin or Kono.
Just how many international crime syndicates operate in Hawaii?
Shoot out on the beach.
People relaxing on the beach not 20m from uncovered dead body while police work on it.

This episode had all the things I love about Hawaii Five-0 plus all the things I love to being so bad – bad policing, stupid plot devices, obvious twists and turns, the twee use of island language or terms, and insanely beautiful panoramic shots. For all its faults, they are ones within the “Hawaii Five-0 Believability Universe” so it is OK.

Oh – I forgot to say that this episode’s title “Ke Kinohi” means a new beginning, which tied in very nicely to the episode.


Review – Human Target – Season One

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

So at 9am, you get everyone to suspend belief, then at 9.05am I kill 8 people while handcuffed and keeping a beautiful girl alive and dodge a hail of machine guns fire. Got it!

I somehow missed any buzz about this on Australian TV. Human Target was launched on GO! in mid-August last year apparently – though knowing GO! they probably had it run for two weeks at 9.30pm then switched it to 3am or something crazy.

Very loosely based on the DC Comic serial of the same name, the Human Target is Christopher Chance (not his real name), and is played by ex Days of Our Lives and Fringe star Mark Valley. He is a body guard / mercenary with a mysterious past (that takes about 2 seconds to guess). Along with his partner Winston (Chi McBride), who handles the business side of their dealings, plus a similarally mysterious and dangerous Guerrero (Jackie Earl Haley) who does a lot of the “fixing,” they come in and save someone in danger while solving the crime/reason why the client is in danger. It is total silliness. If Hawaii Five-0 is suspend belief, this takes belief and asks it to wait outside. That being said, it if often rather enjoyable if you can stop yourself from saying “oh please?!?!” every few minutes.

It fun in a switch the brain off and go for a ride, kind of way.
Nice twists on the “save the client” each week.
Guerrero is such a good character and has all the best lines.
Interesting arc with just enough nibbles each ep to build it.
Baptiste (Lennie James from Walking Dead and Jericho) is a brilliant character and I look forward to seeing him again.
The Old Man was perfectly cast.
Playing “Pick the Canadian TV Star” (I swear there are only like 30 ppl who act in Canada and they constitutionally have to guest star on every show).
Nary a recurring romance plot insight.

Chi McBride plays Emerson Cod.
Some episodes are just too silly to really enjoy.
Fight scenes that last forever.
Too male dominated (though from what I can see of the promos for the second season which I am about to start watching, two female characters are joining the team).
They somehow managed to make Grace Park look frumpy

If you want some mindless tv and good mindless tv like Hawaii Five-0 isn’t one, then watch Human Target. It is fun, but not great – I will continue to watch though for giggles and groans.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Po’ipu

Friday, December 24th, 2010

We will stand here looking serious before we take on 10+ highly trained CIA operatives with nothing but a rusty spoon and a teddy bear.

This week:
The winning episode so far for Hawaii Five-0 bingo*. Hot chick hits on stuffy business man. Things get “personal.” Pol Pot mark II is coming to the US on a diplomatic visit. Multiple deaths. The Five-0 team must solve the murder and keep the evil, maniacal foreign dictator alive. Big shoot out. Happy ending.

Danny and Steve buddy cop!
Kono didn’t get baby sitting duty and Chin actually interacted with a minor.
Nice background development on McGarrett.
Danny gets some great lines!
Awesome chick vs bus moment.
Dodgy police sketch success.

Since when does a foreign dignitary turn up in a US Airforce troop carrier?
The final fight scene was a bit over the top.
Shoot out was a tad unrealistic.
Some pretty wooden acting by day actors.
A little too schmaltzy at the end.

This was a really nice shakeup of the standard episode. It had all the things I love about the show and also incorporated multiple characters in the development and outcome, though as usual it is all about “Steve.”

This week’s episode name is a place in Hawaii that means “long sandy beach,” which ties into the first scene and the fight scene. Not as clever as most episodes. That being said, it may actually have been the town where the murder took place.


*Hawaii Five-0 Bingo is guessing how fast you see a murder/dead body and a girl in a bikini or similar stage of undress. It clean sweep if O’Laughlin gets his shirt off in the episode too. The faster a dead body, girl in a bikini (not in the credits or transition shot) and O’Laughlin gets his kit off the funner the episode is!

Why You Should Watch Hawaii Five-O

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Just another day at the office for the team of Hawaii Five-O

If you have been to the movies recently, you have probably seen the high action, explosive trailer for the redux of Hawaii Five-O – screening on Channel 10 in 2011.

Frankly, you should ignore that trailer. It makes Hawaii Five-O seem naff, twee, stupid – whatever you want to call it. Hawaii Five-O isn’t an action movie with explosions and helicopter chases.

In truth, Hawaii Five-O is a very amusing weekly stand alone episode based dractedy (new work – Drama, Action, Comedy). One of the best things about Hawaii Five-O is that they don’t take themselves seriously – the jokes, the banter – it is a tongue in cheek approach to the show. From cheesey lines, to crazy decisions it is all part of the fun appeal of this show. It knows it has to have a panoramic shots, it knows it has to plug products/Hawaiian Tourism – no matter, they do it all with a big dose of ‘how much fun can we have,’ and that is what makes this show a solid little performer. I think everyone should have at least one show a week where then can turn on yet switch off their brain. We need that fun relaxation without being treated like an idiot.

Grace Park frequently wearing little to no clothes.
Great humour – the one liners are just snigger worthy.
Good character development.
Stand alone eps – doesn’t matter if you miss one.
Great guest cast week after week.
Not the same story each week.
Killer scenery shots of Hawaii.
Insanely bad police work – some of these scenes are ridiculously funny!
Calling in spy sattelites to get intel – ROFL!
Outside of the law – so they get to do things you wouldn’t normally see in a cop show.
Strong supporting cast/characters.

It seems like Hawaii is fast becoming the murder and international crime syndicate of the world.
Can be a little formulaic – but it is a standalone ep show – so you have to take that as a given.
Grace Park isn’t always given strong story lines, but she gets her kit off most weeks.

So please, ignore those shocking trailers at the movies! Tune in in 2011 and watch Hawaii Five-O on Ten for that relaxing laugh you need after a crazy day. I love deep shows. I love panel shows. But I love just kicking back for an hour or two each week for pure fun and enjoyment. And, if you are anything like me – you will be checking for fares.
Hawaii Five-O is consistently scoring #threepandas and above from me.

(if you can’t wait, check the torrents)

Review – Hawaii Five-O – Nalowale

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I stop baddies and I can charm the ladies... I rock.

This week:
Outstanding panoramic shots. Submarine. Murder. Sex. Sex trade. Puppy! Fat baddies move fast doing kung fu. McGarrett says “Book him Danno.”

Nice twist on the standard story.
Good development of the Mayor (I so think there was more going on).
Great action.
Good plot development.
Nice sisterly development.

Kono still under utilised.
All those murders in Hawaii – surprised anyone still goes there!

This show has quickly become one that I like to savour for when I am having an iffy day – because I can’t help but smile and laugh at the jokes, the terrible crime scene investigation and that there is always a happy ending (except if you are dead or a baddie). Solid week to week. And yes I know I am two eps behind – I have been busy!

Oh and Nalowale translates as missing, lost, forgotten or vanished which makes sense this episode.

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Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Lanakila

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I know, let's play basketball with the inmates!

This week:
Hawaii has prisons. One inmate doesn’t want to stay indoors. McGarrett has a sister, she is trouble. McGarrett and Danno hang out on the basketball court with the inmates (like you do). Chase. Hunt. BOOM BOOM. Detecting. Helicopters. Tummy bugs. Resolution and a cemetery.


Cute introduction to the series by Danno for new viewers.
A grand romp showing lots of great tourist destinations.
Nice character development.
Running gags.

Isn’t the Hawaiian Tourism Board worried about all those murders being televised?
Silly cop work.
Kono being delegated to back up.
Didn’t say “Book him, Danno.”
Kono didn’t get her kit off.

For all its kitchiness and bad police work, it is still believable in the way it is presented. It is total escapism TV where the team always gels, they always get the bad guys, and have a few laughs and soul searching moments along the way. What more could you want for some relaxing TV?


PS. Lanakila is a popular girls name in Hawaii apparently that means triumph or victory. Relationship to the show? Ummm.

Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Ohana

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Bitch! No you are a bitch! You are, bitch!

This week:
iPhones assist in the plot development. There is a case. The team works together taking on different tasks to solve it. Hair pulling ensues. McGarrett says “Book him Dano,” and then some schmaltzy American stuff.

Chick fight!
Awesome one liners!
Rollicking good story.

Let’s examine this crime scene without gloves!
Let’s look at the traffic camera that conveniently don’t record the traffic!
Why does the female character have to babysit when they acknowledge how great Dano is with kids?
Weird American shit at the end about being patriotic and stuff.

This show is really going to be a lot of fun – I do like how they poke fun at themselves. Quite an enjoyable 40 odd minutes.


Hawaii Five-O – Series Premier

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

More wardrobe choices like this please

McGarrett is a kick arse military baddie hunter.
A mission goes wrong. Daddy go boom!
McGarrett decides to head up special task force in Hawaii.
Team comes together.
Solves case.
McGarrett says “Book him, Danno.”

Alex O’Loughlin was actually good in a buddy cop role.
Grace Park is sweet as in a bikini and undies.
Story wasn’t that bad.
Good character development.
Some rather amusing throw away lines.
Decent action.

Total waste of James Masters.
South Korea looks a lot like Hawaii.
Lots of twee “in” language.
Commercial for Hawaii.
Not enough of Grace Park in bikini or undies.

Could this be the end of “Show Killer” as a nickname for O’Loughlin?
I think so.