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Review – Being Human (UK) – The Pack (S03Ep04)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hi, I am Annie and I am a ghost, and you two werewolves are?

This week:
Nina and George try to find the other werewolf George saw last full moon with unforseen consequences for all parties involved. Mitchell makes a deal and shows his true colours. Annie comes up with the plan to have sex with Mitchell.

Robson Green is back.
Vampire bloodbath.
George and Nina’s concern/fear.
Truth hurts.
Secrets and lies – all coming to the fore.

Why are so many of the Welsh vampires total freaks? I liked how “ordinary” they were in the first season.

This episode was all about family – real and created. Robson Green was just fantastic as McNair. He plays a fringe dweller so well you forget him as clean cut Tony Hill so easily. The “next week” teaser looks amazing.


Review – Bedlam – Driven (S01Ep02)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

A poignant moment by Will Young's Ryan regarding the parole hearing of his brother's killer.

This week:
Bedlam Heights new resident has been targeted by a ghost with vengeance on his mind. Molly strikes up a new friendship, Jed gets a new job (other than Ghost Management), Ryan wants help in dealing with the death of his brother, and Kate is not sleeping well.

Nice idea re: vengeance vs angry ghost.
Great development of the Ryan and Jed friendship.
Those apartments are rather nice, even if they are haunted.
Not as scary as the first one, the tension and haunting was done in a much more erudite way.

Worst dead cat ever.
Why are they making Kate so unlikable?
Not very good screech marks.
The uncle is such a wanker.

I am quite liking the way this series is shaping up. Good characters that have complimentary facets. I am very much looking forward to next week.


Review – Being Human – Type 4 (S03Ep03)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hi Honey, I am home! I may be a bit whiffy though as decomp is well underway.

This week:
The best of intentions have unforeseen consequences. What makes us human? Zombie heartache. Mitchell tries to come to grips with his emotions and past in regards to Annie while controlling a Mitchell Vampire Fan Boy.

Graham idolising Mitchell and copying his life.
Sasha’s emotional journey.
Learning through death.
Nina’s news for George – that is going to be one interesting storyline.
Annie’s fixation.
Sasha not accepting and trying to live her old life.
People are right bastards.

I thought the end of the Graham story wasn’t on point (no pun intended).
Could have been more jokes with Graham.

What really made me love this episode was how it was about “becoming” for all characters, including the guest stars. I was amazed how my empathy was generated for the highly annoying Sasha – fantastic acting and character growth.


Review – Bedlam – Cohabitants (S01Ep01) Series Premier

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Ok - as someone who sees ghosts this is going to suck. Who the heck builds condos in an old asylum?

Jed has recently checked himself out of a mental institution, where he voluntary placed himself due to his ability to see ghosts. Jed’s uncle is developing an old mental institution into sexy condos, where Kate and her flat mates currently live. What could possibly go wrong?

This week:
We meet Jed who assists ghosts in moving on and to stop them killing the living. Kate (his cousin) has received a ring for her birthday which was found in the walls of the institution. Kate’s flat mate is approaching the 12month anniversary of his brother’s death. Jed has to solve the mystery of who is haunting and why, while keeping everyone safe.

Nice concept.
Good mix of characters.
Strong dialogue.
Good haunting – special effects were well done and not over the top hollywoodesque.
I especially like the developing friendship between Jed and Kate’s male flat mate.
Intrigued about the phone.
Loved the start – I knew nothing going in other than it was set in a mental institution – so didn’t know which characters were stars etc. Totally didn’t expect what happened.
Editing of what is real and what is “seen” is very nicely done.

Some of the editing and camera shots felt a bit over done and clunky.
Uncle is a bit too much.

As I said, I knew nothing going in. I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t Supernatural as done by the Brits. It is much more character development driven around a small group, rather than Dean and Sam saving the world each week. This going to have a procedural “haunting of the week” feel to it as we get further in, but for now – whee! I was genuinely on the edge of my seat watching some of this and occasionally did the jump back with the ghost edits. I should say I am not much of a horror watcher. I generally have to watch a movie on DVD during the day and press pause a lot – so it doesn’t take much for me to scare the heebeejeebees out of myself. All in all a really strong start.

EDIT: After getting a fair amount of traffic to this post from a site about William Young, I thought I better find out who it is… turns out it is the guy who is playing my favourite character – Kate’s male room mate. It also turns out he is something of a pop star. I would never have guessed he wasn’t a full time actor.


Review – Being Human (UK) – Adam’s Family (S03Ep02)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Walking hand in hand into the sunset, as only a ghost and a vampire can.

This week:
A teenage vamp needs help and two werewolves step up. Mitchell is offered an out and Annie interferes way too much in Mitchell’s job hunt.

The “nice” vampires not so nice.
The depths of humanity.
Choices – everyone’s choices.
What makes us human sometimes isn’t what we think.
The anti-werewolf jokes – loved the paper.

Annie really annoyed me this week – I know that was the point but wanted to smack her.
Went a little too far in the pool room.
Mitchell was a bit too wishy-washy for me this week. I know he is dealing with tunnel events and purgatory, but still.
For an isolated place there seems to be a lot of non-humans.

This was an episode that felt very much like the antics of Season One (and that is a good thing). I really liked how George and Nina stepped up and Adam’s final decision.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – Daddy Issues (S02Ep13)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

I know you are a werewolf Tyler and that you have the hots for that Vampire. Just use protection OK? For example a big wooden stake.

This week:
John announces his relationship with Elena to Jenna. John plays hard to get. Jules gets her vengeance on with the help of some friends. Caroline gets captured. Tyler learns the truth about Mystic Falls.

Did NOT see the fight ending that way.
Caroline in the hands of the werewolves.
Tyler development.
Not too much Elena.
John playing many hands in the same game.
Tyler and Caroline interactions.
Damon back to old tricks but tortured by them.

Caroline and Matt. That couple doesn’t really interest me at all, but I did like how Caroline handled it.
Tyler’s choice – didn’t think he would do that – the first and third bits yes, but the second and forth bits no. (hope that is vague enough for you all)
Elena was a bit annoying in her interactions with John.

All up though this was as close to a perfect episode as you can get in TVD. The arc development, the character choices and forward actions, reaffirming their starting positions and lining things up for one heck of a show down. Can’t wait.


Review – Being Human (UK) – Lia Season Return (S04Ep01)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Way to twist the knife Lia!

This week:
We pick up a week or so after the dramatic conclusion to Season 3. Our favourite non-humans are now in Wales, residing in a B&B and trying to get Annie back. We also meet some of the local non-humans.

Annie and Mitchell’s reunion was just beautiful.
Puppy Fight Club.
Man dragging chicken meets man dragging chicken.
Mitchell still dealing with the fall out of his actions.
It’s all about timing.
The Hawaiian wall.
The bullet scene.
Robson Green!!

If that is Purgatory, why was Annie whinging so much?
Guide “twist” was a little obvious.
No real interaction with the other non-humans.

After all the drama regarding where Annie was being held, it was a bit underwhelming. At least Mitchell’s experiences were more interesting. It was fun to see the three stories play out side by side as their timing complemented eachother and the editing was really well done.

I can’t wait to see more of the other Werewolves, and there is definitely going to be a showdown between the vampires and our friends – not to mention our old friend who is due to make an appearance after being brought back.


Review – Piranha (aka Piranha 3D)

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Someone misses the Upper East Side, XOXO.

It is Spring Break in Arizona. There is an underwater earthquake in the lake where all the uni students are getting their party on. Pirahna’s enter lake and eat lots of co-eds. Blood in the water (lots). Family in peril. Resolution – kind of.

After Birdemic it actually seemed good.
Playing spot the teen tv star.
Tension building.
Watching a 3D movie in 2D is funny (especially the specifically made for 3D shots).
So. Much. Blood.
Incredibly pleased I didn’t see a penis being consumed by a piranha in 3D.

I learnt a lot more American slang terms from breasts (who knew there were that many??).
Pretty predictable.
Adam Scott won’t be back in the sequel.

This movie was your stock standard killer man eating piranha movie. Blood, guts, gore, pointless acts of heroism, large amounts of stupidity. It was pretty enjoyable and as always the company made the movie even more fun. Possibly the funniest part of the movie was when one of us fell asleep and made a fair bit of noise, sleeping through the huge beach massacre.


Review – The Walking Dead – TS-19

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

When the anti-hero stops being any sort of hero - how do you go on?

This week:
Be careful of high security glass houses. Just because you are safe doesn’t mean you are safe. There really is no hope. Yet still some hope.

It was nice to see everyone actually happy.
French are braver than we give them credit for.
Jenner’s hoplessness yet conviction.
The franticness of the past few episodes was nicely juxtaposed for part of this episode until the drive to survive kicked back in.
Andrea’s decisions.
Outstanding acting.
Great computer graphics.

Wife was a gimme.
Lori’s actions to hid her choices are starting to annoy me – just be honest.
I think the attack scene was unnecessary – we all knew how far Walsh had fallen from the hero.

When is a bad man really a bad man? Are we right to hold onto the same moral standards? It is what makes us “human” but is it realistic?

And so now we wait. They are back to where they were at the start (actually before the show started) – fleeing, not sure where but looking for safety riddled with questions and doubt.

I wonder what Jenner said to Rick. Maybe Lori is pregnant. Maybe he just said he would tap Andrea. Or as was suggested to me that Grimes had a non-virulent strain of the virus and if only there was time Jenner could have saved the world. We have to wait 10 odd months to find out (and we would have to get a time jump with the kids ageing and my pregnancy guess).


Review – The Walking Dead – Wildfire

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

That there's a lot of dead people, you know?

This week:
The survivors come to terms with last week’s attack on their campsite. They had to the CDC. One chooses their own fate. Things are not as they expected.

Laurie Holden’s Andrea was again one of the shining stars of this episode.
Steven Yeun’s Glenn – he can say so much without saying a word.
Shaun losing himself, catching himself and losing himself over and over.
Carol ensuring her husband doesn’t become a Walker (lots of undertones there).
The music – I really noticed it this week – in a good way.

Not sure I like the CDC twist.
No Merle.
No Morgan.
That last shot was a bit twee.

Overall, this episode was incredibly strong. One on hand I don’t like the whole CDC thing, as I liked the idea of them out in the outdoors/on the road. The CDC is portrayed as suffocating and while I think it is an interesting counterpoint to the outdoors I am not sold on it. I am guessing that one of our gang will end up supplying new samples.

Wonder if I should get a zombie panda made.