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Mr. Holmes (2015)

Sunday, July 19th, 2015
The ever enigmatic Mr. Holmes

The ever enigmatic Mr. Holmes

Sherlock Homes is now in his 90’s and struggling to remember his last case as his memory fades. Why did he give up a successful detective career? What terrible thing must he have done that he walked away? We follow Sherlock on his journey or remembering, and forgetting that is so gently and poignantly written.
Milo Parker is amazing
Gorgeously written – each word has a place
Multiple story lines playing out across different time lines
Wonderfully styled
Sir Ian McKellan is astounding – playing a man 30 years apart.

Laura Linney – was there no one else available to play this part?

It was lovely to see a movie focusing on a well known character that isn’t all pyrotechnics and GCI. Just good old fashioned story telling and brilliant acting. I admit to wiping away a tear or two a few times throughout the movie and laughing out loud at the cheekiness! 4.5

4.5 reflective pandas

Thankyou to @ReviewBrisbane for the tix.

Review – Castle – The Mistress Always Spanks Twice (aka Castle Bondage)

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

This week:

Castle The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Yes, Mistress.

Random person finds a person dead. Only the dead person is in restraints and smothered in caramel in a playground. Beckett teases Castle mercilessly. Castle fantasises endlessly. Cheer leading.  Lots of time with Mistresses. Sexual tension. Red herrings. Solution.

Fillion’s protrayal of Castle was just delicious.
Esposito and Ryan buddy cops.
Banter was slightly predictable but highly enjoyable.

Felt staged (but that is to be expected).

At least with this bondage ep of a show I am not scrubbing the images out of my brain as I did with Smallville. It was done as tastefully (?) as you can without going for mass scene of people in leather hanging from the ceilings. This was a remarkably funny episode. Well worth catching it on repeat.