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Review – Off The Map – Es Un Milagro (S01Ep07)

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

You know how I said I wasn't doing smack? Well... Let's have a "man heart to heart" over this patient who is dying.

This week:
We pick up moments after we left off. The helicopter has crashed. Complications, decisions, revelations and disappointment.

I keep saying how much I like Mina. Her acting this week was miles ahead of everyone else.
Nice departure of the standard format.
Pleased that Ryan has told the truth.
Tommy was underutilised but it was a nice arc or discovery.

The Ryan alone in the wilderness plot – unlikely.
The final shot. Should have finished with Ben and Ryan.
I really don’t want an Otis and Milly arc.

There is only one real series arc that keeps me coming back. If we get an episode that doesn’t focus on Mina and allow the outstanding acting chops of Mame Gurber to shine through, I don’t know how I will feel about the show. Much of it seem vapid and vacuous but there is just enough to keep me interested. That being said, I read that Rachelle Lefevre has just signed for a pilot – so perhaps Off the Map is already dead.


Review – Off the Map – It’s Good (S01Ep06)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

There was no excuse to leave the clinica on a mercy dash this week and I do that EVERY week. So you see, that is why I am pouting.

This week:
Mina gets smack. The clinica gets jacked. Ben gets snarky. Tommy gets a set of balls. Ryan gets caught hiding a deadly secret. Otis gets some tea. Tropical disease of the week.

Interesting divergence of the two characters we got more backstory.
No surprises, Mina’s continued development is my favourite part of the show.
Tommy manning up was nice to see – though it surprises me that he didn’t play the rake for longer.
Zita’s stance.

I half joked to myself that I hoped that what blew up was going to blow up.
Was there any surprise in Otis’ choice? Is going to be an interesting arc.
Ben isn’t that interesting of a character for me.

This episode changed the dynamic of the show for me. Characters are moving outside of their initial brief a lot faster than I expected. The only slow development seems to be Mina, which is why I continue to be invested in the show.


Review – Off the Map – I’m Here (S01Ep05)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Who knew I could be more desirable? Sexy bod, sexy accent AND I now come with bacon!!

This week:
What makes family is explored. Underwater amputation. Soccer. Secret illnesses. Penis waving. Bacon.

More fantastic development of my favourite character Mina.
Tommy contacting home.
Not too much Lilly and what there was wasn’t all Ben centric.
Ryan’s illness (guessing TB).
Was half expecting a shark – thankfully that was avoided.
Mina v Hat.

Really hope there isn’t going to be a Mina / Otis relationship.
Felt the father daughter relationship was a bit over the top and distracted from otherwise a strong thematic episode.
Angus so totally be a recurring character!

I am enjoying this show, but it is more a show that I watch while waiting for something else to watch. Yes, I am thoroughly hooked on Mina’s character, background and development, but that really isn’t enough to get me over the line.


Review – Off the Map – On the Mean Streets of San Miguel (S01Ep04)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Damnit all to hell! I strapped my jet pack on backwards!

This week:
Lilly and Ben head into San Miguel to get necessary medical supplies for the clinic. Tommy deals with an engorged penis and falls in love (not with said penis). Lilly breaks the rules and breaks her own heart.

Mina’s character development. Really interesting and fantastically acted – especially the bedside vigil.
No one is really who they appear to be. Scratch the surface and you mightn’t like what you see.
Tommy wanting to be a better person.
Not too much Lilly.
Interesting cases of the week

Really? Romance BS?
We have to leave the clinic – who will I pick? For something different I will pick Lilly (again).
Becoming very formulaic around some characters.

Some parts of this episode were incredibly strong, others cliched and over done. I think the show is still trying to find its ground, but I am invested enough to keep watching – predominately for the character of Mina.


Review – Off the Map – A Doctor Time Out (S01Ep03)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Are you sure this is the line for the bordello?

This week:
No killer creatures or exotic diseases causing havoc for the Clinica staff. Instead we have land slides, labour and electrocution. Each of the young doctors have to step up and face their own personal challenge of the week.

Great Mina development.
Not too much Lilly.
Backstory for all characters again.
Nice to not see crazy creature stunt.
Everyone is running from something, even if they seem like they aren’t.

Tommy still underutilised.
A little too schmaltzy but not as bad as the first episode.

This show really has a lot of promises. There does seem to be a little too much in the romance focus, relationship driven stories don’t really do it for me, unless they are unlikely pairings, as is the way in the buddy cop duo. Getting predictable, Lilly always gets picked, Mina is always controlling etc. Enjoyable but not sold yet.


Review – Off the Map – Smile. Don’t Kill Anyone (S01Ep02)

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Much respect for the actor who had to pretend he was being crushed by an anaconda for half the show. How he didn't laugh is beyond me.

This week:
All of the new doctors face their own individual challenges again. Be it an anaconda, their ego or their fear of not being taken seriously. All rise to the occasion in their own ways. Relationships end, others begin.

The character of Mina really shone this week. Last week she just seemed cold and controlling. This week, there was real depth and she actually acted. Imagine my surprise when I looked her up on IMDB and found out she is Merryl Streep’s daughter.
Not too much romance.
A little more backstory.
Ryan is an interesting character and look forward in getting to know her.

Still way too much schmaltz.
Not sure I liked they way they addressed non-traditional medicine (hopefully this will be something that is explored in more detail later.
Anaconda? Oh come on.
Scar reduction surgery (on a veranda).
Tommy isn’t as interesting as I first thought.
Why is it so focused around Lilly?
Martin Henderson as a love interest.

What is going to happen when they run out of critter and developing world disease of the week?  Even with all those negatives and the silliness, it was better than last week, and I am interested enough in the character Mina to watch the next three episodes without groaning at the thought.


Review – Off the Map – The Great White Hope (Pilot) (S01Ep01)

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Hey guys! Let's go stand on a cliff and see the view, only let's shake it up and stand in an angle! What do you say? Live a little!!

No matter how far you run, your past follows you. A group of doctors work in a remote part of South America (which looks exactly like Hawaii). They face their fears, their past and the challenges of working in a remote medical centre. Imagine Greys Anatomy in a developing country, but with less clothes.

This week:
Four new doctors arrive at the Clinica including Matt Saracen, and have to step up to the challenge very quickly. We learn most people’s back stories and see some of them rise to the challenge. There is also a hint of romance.

It is great to see Zach Gilford post Friday Night Lights. His character could be one of the more interesting.
OMG Martin Hendersen – I haven’t thought of him in forever.
I like the idea of showing a developing country’s challenge in medical aid, but not sure this is the right vehicle to do so.
Lots of character development, but it doesn’t always move the story forward.
You can’t run for ever, as you run out of places to go, and you can’t go back.

Way too schmatzy in more than one story line this episode… try three.
Stupid rescue.
I know he is recovering from surgery and bizarre medical practises, but he needs to go visit a lake before we emergency evac him out… oh and he can sit up on his own after massive surgery.
Dear Lord, do we need romance plots in the first episode?
The first scene in the clinic with the sting ray was just stupid beyond words. I wonder how many takes they needed to do that without laughing.

I think this show has a fair bit of potential, but not sure if it is going to be Grey’s Anatomy in the jungle. If it is, I will tune out very quickly. I am interested to find out more about our bunch of anti-heroes. I will give it 5 episodes as is my rule with new shows – it did get some very solid support from a few critics that I agree with more often than not however, after they had seen the first few eps in advance.
I haven’t heard yet if any channel in Australia is going to pick it up or not. Given it is made by the same people as Grey’s Anatomy, I imagine so.