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Review – The Playboy Club – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Pick a bunny, any bunny.

It is 1960’s Chicago, and the Playboy Club is the hottest “key” in town. The bunnies are the most liberated women around, they can be whomever they want, including the African American “Chocolate” Bunny. Into this mix we have the movers and shakers, corrupt and not, in Chicago. What could possibly go wrong?


Interesting concept.
Liberation and repression with false expectations all rolled into one.
OMG it was David Krumhotlz as Billy Rosen.
Could be an interesting series arc if it gets its full run.
I like the gay rights subplot (including Sean Maher).
Nick Dalton is the name of the main character – I know a Nick Dalton.


For all its sexy bunny outfits, and Bunny Mansion parties, it was decidedly unsexy.
Not tightly written.
Characters need a lot of fleshing out.
Didn’t really have much suspense – even the big suspense scene.

This show didn’t really gel in the pilot. It has the potential to be an interesting character driven piece, they just have to work out what type of show it is – it doesn’t quite know yet. Is it noir? Is it T&A? Is it Mad Men lite?


Review – Breaking In – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, April 10th, 2011


We get paid to be bad... I'll allow it.

Cameron Price (Bret Harrison – V, Reaper, The Loop) has Uni all figured out. After hacking the computer system, he has made it his bitch. Along comes  Oz (Christian Slater) and his team at Contra Security (a company that is hired to put security to the test), and Cameron’s life will never be the same again.

This week:
Pilot so a lot of introductions and scene setting. Cameron has to steal an expensive car as his first case while getting constantly harassed about office birthdays and pranked as the newbie. What could possibly go wrong?

Boom goes the dynamite. Awesome pranking.
I’ll allow it.
Sky Mall.
Snappy dialogue.
Heaps of fun.
Good running gags that didn’t lose their impact.
Slater gets to continue his love of all things Star Trek.

A little stereotypical.
Lot of pressure on the case of the week scenario to keep it so engaging.

This was a remarkably enjoyable romp. I will certainly be continuing to catch this. It reminds me a little of Better Off Ted in its style and dialogue.


Review – EndGame – Opening Moves – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

I am an alcoholic, agrophobe with a heightened sense of self worth. What is there not to love?

Chess grand master Arkady Balagan is a man who is trapped in a hotel after witnessing a tragedy. Facing eviction for not paying his account, Balagan takes on cases to pay his way.

This week:
We get to meet Balagan and his unlikely band of side kicks. A chess addict, a clearer and a bar tender, and his ex-fiancee’s sister – his only friends in this home away from home. The adopted son of the bar tender’s friend is kidnapped, and Balagan uses his unique ability of seeing all the moves on the board, to find the little boy.

Quite an unlikely anti-hero. Infact there is very little to like about Balagan, yet you do.
Interesting way he “sees” the board and hypothesises situations.
People look normal.

The supporting cast is a bit hohum – though hopefully they will develop.
I wonder if they have written themselves into a corner, as our main character can’t leave the hotel.
Going to be a case of the week scenario with only one over all arc.
Didn’t really buy into the suspense.
Stereotyping to the extreme.

I will check out this Canadian drama again to see how it develops. It is still lacking depth though, however the overall premise seems quite sound and an interesting take on a cop/PI drama.


Review – Fairly Legal – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Wait! Kate! No! Don't go outside! We have blown our CGI budget already!

Kate Reed is an ex-lawyer who now mediates for her recently deceased father’s law firm. She was married to the DA (Trucco), hates her step-mother who runs her father’s firm now, and adores/abuses her assistant. Through dodging the law and taking some less than ethical risks, Kate will manage to save the day for everyone, and maybe save herself along the way.

The use of Wizard of Oz as ring tones.
Patrick Gilmore.
The idea that lawyers (well ex lawyers) do want to do the right thing.
Interesting family dynamic.
Judge David Nicastro played by the always enjoyable Gerald McRaney.
Buffy and geek moments!

Shocking stereotyping.
Were Trucco’s teeth always that huge and white?
It sure as heck wasn’t shot in San Fransico – CGI blowed.
Do all Aussie sailors hook up with anything in a skirt?

For all its faults, I actually enjoyed this how. Yes it is still finding its feet and they are CGI’ing in San Fran landmarks, but it was a nice little narrative. Some aspects I can see tiring me fast. How she is always late for one – complete disrespect. Trucco’s teeth is another. I am looking forward to seeing how the dynamic progresses. Mind you, if the ratings were anything to go by, I probably won’t get much of a chance.

Apparently Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate and Young and the Restless fame is a recurring star. It is going to need all the help it can get.

Oh I also think it is ironic that a show for USA Network was probably shot in Canada.