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Review – Body of Proof (First 8 episodes)

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

I know you think I like you Megan, but you really don't read people that well.

The show follows Megan Hunt (Dana Delany – Desperate Housewives, China Beach), an ex neuro-surgeon who now works as a medical examiner in Boston (?). Hunt has an interesting backstory that is built on throughout the series giving it an arc feel rather than just the ‘case of the week’ feel. It is a procedural drama though, with Hunt fighting to solve crimes alongside her partner (Peter Dunlop) and the only two police on the force who can work with her. Along the way, she may just win back the love and understanding of her daughter.

I love Dana Delany.
Aussie Nicholas Bishop in the role of Dunlop.
Lots of use of iPads.
Jerri Ryan!
Great supporting cast.
Fantastic guest cast as well – some great pickups.
No romance tension.
You learn as a the team learn, so you fall for the same red herrings.
Usually good twists on each story.
Science prevails – but not “squint” science.
Often a secondary case arc in each episode.
Incredibly strong female characters but not totally unrealistic – each has their own faults.
The writing improved very quickly once they got the feel for the characters.

Is it in Delaney’s contract that every episode we must have a panning shot up her legs?
Who wears stilettos to crime scenes – especially ones where you have to walk across grass.
Is it just me, or does the main building look like it was CGI dropped into the shot?
If you don’t “get” the characters, I think it would be quite a dull procedural.

I describe it as a little bit Bones, and a little bit Quincy ME. I rather enjoy watching it. It is character driven, rather than cop/action driven with a solid season arc. Each week it is a solid little performer. Best of all it has been renewed for next season.


Review – The Chicago Code – Gillis, Chase & Baby Face (S01Ep03)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011


I am just going to sip my coffee while I try and not outsmart myself.

This week:
Wysocki and Evers are on the hunt for armed bank robbers. Colvin’s actions put Wysocki and Evers in danger. Organised crime go all passive aggressive. Colvin goes gunning for Gibbons via the Irish Mob.

Holy twists and turns, Batman.
The two major stories this week really complimented each other with great cross over.
The depths of corruption.
Play and double play.
100% engaging.
Wysocki vs Moosekian.
Outstanding writing.

I was disappointed in Wysocki’s niece’s choice but understand the peer thing, but still given her background I thought it unlikely.

The Chicago Code is far and away my favourite show on TV right now. Its intelligent writing and story arcs, incredible acting and brilliant delivery makes this show my #1 on the watch list. Make it yours too. The Chicago Code is on USiTunes.


Review – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – Two of a Kind (S01Ep01)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

I am going to shoot my agent for convincing me to do this gig.

This is a spin off from the hit show Criminal Minds. It follows a Red Team of the FBI who focus on profiling criminals and seem to be able to work outside normal boundaries as they report only to the Director of the FBI. They all have backstories which will impact the way they approach the cases.

This week:
A 8 year old white girl from an affluent Chicago neighbourhood is abducted. The team are sent there by Toby Zeigler (Richard Schiff) to find the little girl, only to hear of an 8 year old black girl from the bad side of town was taken a week or so ago… could there possibly be a connection?

Great cast – Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garofalo and more.
Richard Schiff as the Director.

Could it be any more cookie cutter?
Makes a procedural drama seems ground breaking.
So obvious plot.
Why is there a Brit in the FBI?
The Garcia character is a stereotype of a tv stereotype.
Last scene was just an insult to the viewer.

I hadn’t watched Criminal Minds for some time, but given the cast, was interested in giving it a go. I won’t be back.


Review – The Chicago Code – Hog Butcher (S01Ep02)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Guessing these aren't to refill your pez.

This week:
Emotional, physical and political fall out from the death of Colvin’s driver. Isaac and Vonda decide to shine while the rest of the force are searching for the Cop Killer.

Really interesting to see how the force focused on finding the shooter.
Great red herrings – I totally fell for the last one.
Interesting dynamic between Colvin and Wysocki.
That scene at the end just ups the anti something shocking.
Nice development for Vonda and Isaac – be interesting to see how that now flows into the major arc.
Looking forward to seeing more of Moosekian.
Wysocki has fast become the most interesting cop on the box.

Felt it unusual that Hennessey would call – but Wysocki broached that.
Will the bad blood to Colvin continue to hinder her attempts to clean up the city? Not sure they can keep pushing that.
Still not convinced on the voiceovers but they are good at driving the story forward very fast.

This was a great episode. After such a strong first ep/pilot I was ready for a slightly less strong second episode. If anything, this dragged me deeper into the story. Can’t wait for the next instalment.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – E Malama (S01Ep16)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Sorry honey, I can't talk now, a vicious creature from outer space is killing my team.

This week:
Danny’s family is put at risk and a witness fights for her life when a hit is put out on her. McGarrett gets his Arnie on. Kono gets to kick some butt again.

Kono flying solo and putting the pieces together.
Danny stepping through his dislike of his ex-wife’s new husband.
Some great throw away lines in the Danny story line.
Lots of stupid police work! (it is one of the reasons I love it)
No product placement.

The barefooted witness was wearing visible Five Fingers.
If you are trying to keep someone alive, wouldn’t you give them your bullet proof vest, especially if they are going to sit on the bike behind you and get shot at?

This wasn’t a good week for Hawaii Five-0 Bingo, and apart from Predator homage/ripoff, it was a fun episode. I am not sure which way Chin-Ho Kelly is supposed to go though. One week he is tech guy, then he is action hero… maybe in Hawaii you can do both!

This week’s title E Malama means “to protect” which ties in nicely with the themes.


PS.  Looks like I forgot to watch last week’s show. A tsunami expert got kidnapped… just another day in Hawaii – though I wonder how the international crime syndicates could be behind it.

Review – The Chicago Code – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

In case you didn't know, I kick butt, take names and clean up this city before I finish my breakfast bagel.

After a life of witnessing the impact of bribery in her home town of Chicago, Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals – yes the Flashdance chick) becomes Police Commissioner, and is going to clean up the city – from corrupt politicians to street thugs. With ex-partner (and rule breaker) Jarek Wysocki (Australia’s Jason Clarke – Rabbit-Proof Fence, Farscape, Home and Away and Brotherhood to name just a few) by her side – they will break the unwritten law behind the law.

Amazing character development without dumbing down.
Great peak behind the corridors of power and what it costs to stay there.
Great supporting cast – not an off beat.
Interesting family/relationship dynamics.

Not sure I really liked the voice overs, but the one that is cut short is just so powerful.

I must admit I wasn’t interested in this show at all – I thought it was yet another un-needed police procedural. Jace from The Daily Beast and Televisionary set me straight, so I followed his advice and watched. I am pleased I did, as it makes Blue Bloods lack real depth.

TEN is showing Blue Bloods, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they picked up The Chicago Code as well – they have a lot of police drama.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – He Kane Hewa’ole (S01Ep14)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

No Chin, I have to wear these cargo pants every episode. I think because we are sponsored by Banana Republic. I still look bad arse right?

This week:
Father / Son issues hit home for McGarrett. A head without a body leads the Five-0 on a merry chase looking for the murderer, the body, and the missing wife. Chin was more than a suspected dirty cop. Kono holds grudges and beats herself up. The day is saved, lives are changed and we get a life lesson in immigration.

The running CHiPS gag – really added to the episode and the dynamics.
Development of the relationships of McGarrett and Danny.
Character backstory for Chin – interesting dynamic with Kono and part of Chin’s past.

Tad too schmaltzy at the end, but that is getting pretty stock standard for the show.
No “Book him, Danno” in the show.
No Hawaii Five-0 Bingo – yes there was a dead body, but no-one got their kit off this week.
Way bit obvious with the clues.
The twists were miss-timed and really didn’t add to the story.
Felt like I was watching Blue’s Clues.

It isn’t often I am left a little off after Hawaii Five-0. If it hadn’t been for the CHiPS gag, this show would have left me rather cold. Very weak episode for this normally highly enjoyable romp of a show.
By the way, this week’s ep “He Kane Hewa’ole” means “an innocent man” which ties in with just how obvious everything was in this episode.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Ke Kinohi (S01Ep13)

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

You can tell just how bad arse I am by my fierce pink hair extension, biatch!

First up – let me say that I know I am way behind in reviews – I do plan to catch up, maybe with a multi-ep review.

This week:
McGarrett’s little sis (Mary Ann) has been kidnapped and it ties back into the Champ case left to McGarrett with his dad’s last few words. Corruption goes very high in Hawaii it seems. Motorcycles, the Yakuza and golf.

Good use of tension.
The ep wasn’t all about getting Mary Ann back.
McGarrett goes all Ninja-Seal for the episode.
Nice background development on McGarrett.
Danny still has the best lines.
There was actually some acting this week.
Solved the recent mystery of McGarrett’s mum’s murder.
Opened new mini-arcs for team to solve instead of case of the week.

A bike up the stairs into a building with Yakuza who would all be packing guns? Sure.
Let’s kidnap you but leave you your phone.
Not much Chin or Kono.
Just how many international crime syndicates operate in Hawaii?
Shoot out on the beach.
People relaxing on the beach not 20m from uncovered dead body while police work on it.

This episode had all the things I love about Hawaii Five-0 plus all the things I love to being so bad – bad policing, stupid plot devices, obvious twists and turns, the twee use of island language or terms, and insanely beautiful panoramic shots. For all its faults, they are ones within the “Hawaii Five-0 Believability Universe” so it is OK.

Oh – I forgot to say that this episode’s title “Ke Kinohi” means a new beginning, which tied in very nicely to the episode.


Review – Blue Bloods – Privilege (S01Ep03)

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I want to be the bestest beat cop ever!

This week:
Danny is on the trail of a rapist on NYU campus. Likelihood that the perpetrator will walk. Lies surround lies. Aspiration. A tease of the arc. Frank goes passive aggressive.  Jamie “collars” his first weapons charge.

I like how Jamie’s work doesn’t lead back to the major case of the week.
Frank finally did the right thing.
Nice interaction between Jamie, his stick and his fiance.
Jamie’s subtle questioning.

Plot, twist and outcome has been done before – so 0 surprises.
Really? Just sending out a detective without a partner?
Erin seems to be quite removed from the plots – a walk in and walk out skirt with some family moments.
Why does Erin have to cook when she goes to her father’s house?
I think Jamie is going to be single soon.

This was an OK ep, just not up to standard. I have high expectations when I turn on an episode of Blue Bloods, and this didn’t deliver.


Review – Blue Bloods – Samaritan (S01Ep02)

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

True to form, my favourite character is a minor one. Please don't get shot Renzulli!

This week:
During a heist on the subway in NYC, a good samaritan finds himself on the wrong side of the law. The question of right and wrong is explored. The solve the case without firing a gun yet again.

Real police work, no CSI team in sight.
Highlighting bad police work.
Great dialogue driven drama.
Interesting character development of Danny (Wahlberg).
One choice can change your life.
Doing right for the right reasons sometimes means you are wrong.
A tease of the overall arc.
No police guns fired.
Love the banter between Jamie and Renzulli (senior beat cop/partner).

Felt there was a bit much “baddie” development.
I don’t like Danny’s new partner.
Can’t anyone have a normal relationship – looking at you Frank.
I think Danny’s wife is going to leave him.

This show delivered a very strong episode that wasn’t just a “case of the week” scenario. Yes there was a case of the week, but it was used to really delve into the complexities of the characters, rather than just show how awesome a team is. I especially loved Renzulli pointing out all the mistakes that Danny made to his little brother – I was watching thinking – just typical police show – then they hung a lantern on all the errors other shows make in a sly way.