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Review – I Love You Phillip Morris – #BIFF

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Of all the prison libraries in all the world you had to walk into this one...

This is the ultimate con movie. Ok – it is also a romance movie. Oh and it is a comedy too. But at the end of the day it is all about the con.

Everyone in this movie gets con’ed – everyone – including the viewer – yes I admit I got majorly con’ed. Hook, line, sinker and copy of angling times (to quote Red Dwarf).

But let’s talk about the movie.

Jim Carrey plays police man Steven Russell who is married with a couple of kids, and whom, after years of searching, finds his birth mother who wants nothing to do with him. He packs up his life and heads to Texas where a life changing moment makes him realise he wants to be happy and to be himself – gay. What follows are Russell’s lives, cons, loves and brilliance. As he put it, it is expensive to live on the high on the gay hog. While in prison he falls for Ewen McGregor’s Phillip Morris. Things go well, go badly and well just go. What is the most bizarre part of this “con-rom-com” is that Carrey’s Russell was actually successful at his lives – just greed and lifestyle got the better of him.

Prison romance.
Aids tests.
Throw away lines.
Carrey really can act – I had forgotten!
Some of McGregor’s acting.

McGregor’s terribly fake eyebrows.
Some of the scenes were a bit OTT.
Trying to cater to the general audience.

Until I saw The Red Chapel, this was my pick of the festival. It isn’t perfect, but is so enthusiastic that you forgive its failings. I look forward to its American release next month.


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Review – Jucy – #BIFF

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

I remember my bedroom looking like that when I was in my early 20's.

Jucy tells of the trials and tribulations of two twenty something women as they decide to take their lives in a new direction – success and love. Filmed in Brisbane, it is a delight to see the familiar landmarks (including the now gone Trash Video) but I must admit that the Australian accents made it seem more real than say, a US version, of this lovely little film. They call it a Womance, I call it a Wom-Rom-Com!

Real women.
Real issues.
Predominantly genuine feel.
Real choices (good and bad).
Generally solid dialogue throughout.
Some classic moments.
Everyone gets a resolution.

The male cast weren’t that developed, but then it isn’t about them, and it isn’t a traditional relationship movie – and that is central to its charm – so let’s pretend this is a Plus.
One or two moments that felt a little worn.

Overall, this is a delightful romp exploring the depths and limits of friendships, and therefore also of oneself. You also get a realistic insight into the realisation that choices aren’t easy to make or to stick to, and that sometimes to move forward, you have to go home. If you haven’t got your ticket to the Australian premier of Jucy, right here in Brisbane as part of BIFF, time to beg, borrow or steal one – or keep those fingers crossed for a domestic release.


PS. I should disclose that I know a couple of people involved in the movie – including some great backup dancers!
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