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Review – Come Fly With Me (S01Ep03)

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Penny on the look out for people travelling above their class.

This week:
We meet three new characters, a baggage handler father and son team, and Great British Air’s First Class Cabin Crew member, Penny. Precious doesn’t work and praises the Lord, that ugly married couple have a bad holiday, Tommy gets promoted and nothing really funny happens.

The baggage handlers made me smile.
Tommy’s three stars and his training the new guy (same joke though).
Fearghal’s Italian meal.
Rupert Grints. (sic)

Same jokes as the past few weeks.
Melody and Keeley didn’t really gel this week.
Customs joke has been done to death.
Lack of interest in most of the characters.
Same old same old.

A person I follow on The Twitters said it was a brilliant episode, yet I found it lack luster yet again. Either they aren’t taking the jokes far enough or I am just not recognising the jokes. I really hope it steps up this week, as it is in a downward helix at the moment.


Review – Come Fly With Me (S01Ep02)

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I was personally picked by Omar for FlyLo Hotties. #shudder

This week:
The Queen comes to the aeroport. David Schwimmer gets caught in customs. Precious praises the Lord. Pirates. Gay experiences and a wing falls off.

We meet some more of the characters.
Tommy learning to work in fast food so he can become a pilot.
Luggage limits.
Melody and Keeely arc.

Just not as funny this week.
Too over the top.
I still don’t like Omar and it just took his segment too far.
Same jokes different tag line.

This week just didn’t really gel for me. I had no laugh out loud moments like I did last week – which was a real shame as I really wanted to love it and laugh myself silly. Disappointing.


Review – Come Fly With Me (S01Ep01)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Looks like someone has been getting lessons from the TSA.

This is the new show by Matt Lucas and David Walliams – the brilliant minds and performers who brought us Little Britain. Using an aeroport, they introduce a wide variety of characters and we follow them through their day, a la Airport UK.

This week:
We get to meet the cast of characters.
Loved the stereotyping – so wrong yet so right.
Pussy Wagon!
Dog popsicle.
Martin Clune (very funny to me as we were talking about a guy who looks like Martin Clune while walking back from the NYE Fireworks last night).
Checkin chicks.
Pat downs.

Was a little slow to get going.
I didn’t like the character Omar – but I think it is a take on the guy who started EasyJet.

I can see this being a show that quickly becomes a part of our lives in the same way Little Britain brought us so many lines and characters. This episode didn’t see us meet all the characters just yet, so there is more new ones to come, but I already have my favourites. Just like in Little Britain, some characters have their own arcs that they will be playing out. The one character I really wished they had of done is the guy who looks after the pets/animals in the Airport UK show. I think that would have been a hoot.


PS. Not sure who will be releasing this in Australia – but my guess would be SBS or ABC.

Review – Mad Men – Blowing Smoke and Tomorrowland

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

What once I despised I have become.

I finally got around to seeing the last two episodes in Mad Men. I always meant to, and I was really engaged this series – but stuff came up and I forgot about it. It wasn’t till I was recently house-sitting and going through my media drive for something to watch (their dvd collection was almost non-existent and entirely non-compatible with pandas).

It was actually nice to see these two episodes back to back. From the uncertainty and lack of control in Blowing Smoke to sense of surety that Don felt in Tomorrowland it was such a good conclusion to this season and to his journey. It was also very pleasing in a schadenfreude way to see Betty’s misfortune as she lives out her choices.

Changing the message.
Seeing Don happy (or at least thinking he is happy).
Megan Calvet’s reaction to the milkshake.
Peggy and Joan discussing the development over a cigarette.
Seeing the kids actually happy and acting like a family.
Faye Miller breaking down on the phone.
Betty getting what she deserved.
Sally’s progression through therapy.
Sally’s little friend telling Betty that just because she was said not everyone else had to be.
Those brief moments of almost honesty Don has with the kids and then with Megan.
I also adored how of all the women he has slept with, he loves Megan.
Finally I found it very interesting that for all his snide looks about Roger marrying his secretary, Don will do the same.

No more Dr Miller.
I miss Cooper.
An eternity till next season.

I do wonder if we are going to get another time jump like we did for the start of this season. It was interesting how Dr Miller said that Don only liked the beginning of things, let’s jump past the honeymoon and see them as a family – I wonder if the kids will be with them instead of Betty – who as Sally’s friend correctly said doesn’t like kids. Bring on next year


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Review – La Femme Nikita (France 1990)

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Did someone ask for gritty and bleak?

I have been loving SBS this month – to celebrate 30 years on the air, they have been playing everyone’s favourite world movies. Over the weekend, while I was engaging in Adventures in Puppy Sitting, I stayed up late to watch the original incarnation of Nikita. It has been years since I saw it and really only remembered a couple of scenes, so given how much I am loving the CW’s redux of Nikita, I had to watch.

Nikita is a junkie, punk bad girl who murders a policeman in cold blood and is convicted of his and the deaths of victims in the movie’s shoot out – which opens the film. Finding herself in a hidden world of training and development at the DGSE (the French CIA), Nikita transfers herself from riding the line of being cancelled (to use the CW’s Nikita’s terms) to being a glowing success – a hot hit woman.

Upon her completion of her training, she starts what she fools herself into thinking is a normal life till the people that made her come calling.The second half of the movie traces her trying to balance her love and pretend life with his boyfriend and the demands made by her true employers.

The disparity between worlds.
Lies and the lies to hide the lies.
People looked real, unlike the US versions.
Believable characters trying to live in a world out of their control.
Brilliant set pieces – that restaurant scene is just glorious.
The dark humour littered throughout the movie.

Some bits were a tad over the top, but I think it was to show the differences.
By some bits, I mean the overacting of Anne Parillaud.
The unlikely relationships she develops.

Even with the effects of time (learning what a mouse is hehhe) it is still a dark adventure into an under world beyond the law. It was certainly ahead of its time and spawned a successful ongoing franchise. All that being said, it wasn’t as good as I remembered it. I loved how gritty it was, but its over the top depiction of wild Nikita just saw me lack empathy for the protagonist.


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Review – Mad Men – Chinese Wall

Monday, October 11th, 2010

That sound Don? That is the size of my huge steel balls.

This week:
Lucky Strike Fall Out. A female Don Draper. Joan finally sees Roger for who Roger really is. Pete becomes a dad. Don is old Don. Peggy gets laid.

Pete and his position.
Stirling’s Gold.

I was very surprised that Faye would sell out her professionalism.

What I really loved this week was just how caught up in themselves and their problems the characters were that they don’t realise the power that Pete has over the business. I know I am a week behind, but the best part is that tomorrow I can see what happens without the whole waiting a week business.


Mad Men – Hands and Knees

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Oh for the what might have been

This week:
The lies that bind. How quickly lives unravel. There is no such thing as honesty. You are not in control no matter how much you think you are.

Sally and The Beatles.
Betty with some depth.
Don’s failed attempt at normalcy.
Pete showing some backbone.
Awesome character development of Lane.

No Peggy.
A whole week till we find out what happens!

It only takes a moment and I remember why I love this show. I am sure more people outside of the US watch than domestically. I just don’t get how someone would rather watch Two and a Half Men than Mad Men.

PS> Going to have to resize my pandas so they all fit!