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Review – Stargate Universe – Seizure (S02Ep15)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

What do you get if you put two math geniuses in a room with chalk board walls? A lot of chalk dust!

This week:
Don’t try and be sneaky when friendly will work. Rush gets laid. Eli has to do something difficult. Stuff happened on another planet.

Least we saw a little bit of Gin.
Pleasant change of pace to see some classic McKay, even if he didn’t pull the answer out of his pants.

Yet another classic Stargate episode redux – and done not nearly as well.
Totally pointless sub-story on the planet.
Way too much Rush.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever. You would THINK that he would have been more careful about his language.
Telford – yawn.
Again, where did the Lucian Alliance crew members go?

I had heard that this episode was really good and had been set up nicely from last week’s dismal attempt at entertainment. I was disappointed. Saw nothing I hadn’t seen multiple times before, and this execution wasn’t good. The whole planet arc was a complete waste of time, did nothing to drive the story forward. I know some people will vehemently disagree with this review, but that is OK.


Review – Stargate Universe – Hope (S02Ep14)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Check it out! I found the Ancient Porn Database...

This week:
The most boring character in the show gets taken over by less boring characters. The geeks get their romance on. We discover what happened to Rush in Two Destinies, and TJ performs major surgery.

We got to see some Gin.
At least Volker got some lines and screen time – pity the arc sucked.

Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever.
Scott given the worst lines, well below his talent.
Way too much Chloe.
A very poor take on a Stargate classic story.

I just wanted this episode to end. The surgery aspect was just laughable. Yet more evidence why this show was, rightly, cancelled.


Review – Stargate Universe – Alliances (S02Ep13)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

No matter how many times I almost die (and even when I do), you can't kill me!

This week:
Greer and Camille head back to Earth while a Senator and a scientist board Destiny. Earth comes under attack. Yes it was as exciting as that sounded.

Finally some Greer development but we barely touched the surface.
Always fun to have French Stewart on my screen.
Even cooler when you remember French Stewart was in the original Stargate movie.
Varro finally got some lines and screen time.

Oh dear god this was such a pointless episode,
The sets were terrible.
Looked like it had a budget of $350.
Dull story.
I thought it was going to be some Lucian Alliance onboard Destiny thing – how wrong was I?

This is why this show was cancelled. It was a long way South of average, but still better than Cloverdale.


Review – Stargate Universe – Twin Destinies (S02Ep12)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

That is one Destiny down, one to go.

This week:
Mathboy finds a way to dial out using the power of a star. Rush thinks it is too dangerous and against the mission of Destiny. Telford wants to go home and uses any and all means of persuasion.

It wasn’t the worst episode.
I did like the multiple timelines.
Elli’s weighty guilt.

One of the things I used to like was the grey – the leads are so one dimensional now.
We still have to watch Telford.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Umm what happened to that whole Lucian Alliance thing? Is Varro the only one left?

It wasn’t terrible, it was just average. There could have been so much more (as I find myself saying a lot with this show) but it just failed to deliver.


Review – Stargate Universe – Deliverance (S02Ep11) (mid season return)

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Screen time doesn't equal character development.

This week:
We are back! Things pick up right where we left our depressed anti-heroes, in a pickle. Mega-Chloe’s call for help is answered, and Destiny now has another set of problems to deal with. The drones are taking a toll, there is a suicide run and only Faux-McKay can save them.

It certainly wasn’t as bad as some of the preceding episodes.
Some funny moments when they are working with the drone.
Nice to see our blue alien friends again.
At least the amusing Patrick Gilmore got some screen time.
The always engaging Jen Spence finally got some story but there was no explanation as to her anxiousness.

It was a very “McKay” solution to their problem.
The only thing that made Chloe interesting has gone.
Colonel  Young, worst leader ever?
Telford is still under-utilised  and a waste of space.
Blink and you miss TJ.

This episode wasn’t bad, it was just average. I was quite disappointed to see there was a real lack of depth to this episode. They didn’t have to wrap everything neatly up in 40 minutes, and as such, the more interesting characters got passed over. The whole resolution really frustrated me, as that was my main beef with Stargate Atlantis.


Review – Smallville – Collateral (S10Ep12)

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Let's look serious - and.... GO!

This week:
We pick up shortly after the events of Carter Hall’s funeral. All is not as it seems. Chloe is back but can she be trusted? Jumping off buildings. Superman flying. Matrix moments. Suicide Squad.

Liked how the story developed – I wasn’t 100% sure which was it was going, so loved the clarification.
Chloe goes to Oli first.
80 feet up.
Lois’ face during the flight scene.
Unlikely alliances.
Oli’s speech to Chloe at the end.

Black Canary – I really don’t like this incarnation.
Cheese Black Canary lines.
No Chay-Ara.

While there were a few too many Matrix moments for me, I really enjoyed this episode. The scene towards the end with Clark and Lois flying was a real highlight. Only a few more episodes to go – already dreading the thought of no more Smallville. Even bad Smallville is better than no Smallville. The final date/flight has been announced and while some bloggers are relishing its end, others, like me, will be sad to see an old friend leave my screens.


Review – Fairly Legal – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Wait! Kate! No! Don't go outside! We have blown our CGI budget already!

Kate Reed is an ex-lawyer who now mediates for her recently deceased father’s law firm. She was married to the DA (Trucco), hates her step-mother who runs her father’s firm now, and adores/abuses her assistant. Through dodging the law and taking some less than ethical risks, Kate will manage to save the day for everyone, and maybe save herself along the way.

The use of Wizard of Oz as ring tones.
Patrick Gilmore.
The idea that lawyers (well ex lawyers) do want to do the right thing.
Interesting family dynamic.
Judge David Nicastro played by the always enjoyable Gerald McRaney.
Buffy and geek moments!

Shocking stereotyping.
Were Trucco’s teeth always that huge and white?
It sure as heck wasn’t shot in San Fransico – CGI blowed.
Do all Aussie sailors hook up with anything in a skirt?

For all its faults, I actually enjoyed this how. Yes it is still finding its feet and they are CGI’ing in San Fran landmarks, but it was a nice little narrative. Some aspects I can see tiring me fast. How she is always late for one – complete disrespect. Trucco’s teeth is another. I am looking forward to seeing how the dynamic progresses. Mind you, if the ratings were anything to go by, I probably won’t get much of a chance.

Apparently Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate and Young and the Restless fame is a recurring star. It is going to need all the help it can get.

Oh I also think it is ironic that a show for USA Network was probably shot in Canada.


Review – Human Target – Taking Ames (S02Ep03)

Monday, January 10th, 2011

I poured olive oil over myself and crawled through ventilation shafts today, you?

This week:
Ames’ past comes back to bite her in the butt. Chance becomes a bad guy. Ilsa has kittens and puppies. Group hug.

Nice background into Ames.
The changing dynamic of family.
The team spying on Ames.
Guerrero supporting Ames.
Chicago (Mike Dupod of SGU)
Great banter.

Do we really need Ames to show that much skin?
Those diamonds were pretty easy to get to.
Ilsa is annoying as all heck.
Way too much tech in the office.

This was one of those episodes where you take your belief and send it outside to play with the kids next door. Even within the realms of Human Target Believability it was a bit thin. That said, the positives far outweighed the negatives and I did enjoy watching this ep to see how the mess, and then bigger mess, would turn out.


Review – Stargate Universe – Resurgence

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

No you aren't boring, I am just morphing into Mega-Chloe!

This week:
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and says “Hi my name is Duck,” it is probably a duck… the same is true for traps and double crosses. Meh Telford is back. Greer and Brody go exploring. Tamara is flirting. Eli is sulking. Rush tries to bond. Oh and it’s a trap and then it’s a double cross trap!

I liked Chloe finally being more than wishywashy whiney victim girl.
Exploring the dead ship – nice tension in that scene.
LOVED Volker getting real dialogue and chance to be centre of attention for more than 3 seconds.
Was good to see Eli acting out properly.
Couple of great one liners.

Young is the worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Telford is Meh.
Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t guns need air to fire?
Destiny has a very slow computer it seems.

Now this ep had all the components to make it step up. As Scott (aka Agent_X) said:

Scott telling me I am wrong

But I don’t know why it didn’t gel. I can’t get past some things, such as Young making poor decision after poor decision and having the leadership abilities of a puppy napping after a bowl of milk. I don’t know why, but I don’t see that as him caring for his people, it shows him playing favourites, willing to risk everyone for the sake of a few – he does this time and time and time again. When will he learn? As such I didn’t get sucked into the tension. So for me, this episode was average. Not great, not sucky – but I am not on the edge of my seat to see what happens… Of course they make it.


Review – Stargate Universe – Visitation

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Dear Santa. I would like a pony, a puppy, oh and not to die alone.

This week:
What a left behind has returned. Hope is dashed. Love makes hard decisions and a wish is made reality.

The nice little twist at the end.
The “something missing” effect.
Greer’s farewell to Chloe.

What happened last week seems to be forgotten.
A glimmer of hope once again smashed by the show (including buy in by audience of TJ’s baby)
Unnecessary pain and suffering.

For the love of pete, please do something with your minor characters. Volker is begging for a real story – he is probably the most interesting of the minor players and what I have seen of Patrick Gilmore’s acting here and in Riese, he could deliver something really strong, funny, interesting – anything! Or how about some more Vanessa James- I would even take more Brody (and yes while Kelamis is an Aussie – I don’t think his character is as interesting as Gilmore’s). We were going somewhere with James and then the wheels just fell off. The main characters are decidedly boring with only Greer and Eli still really engaging. Please!!!


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