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Review – Skins – Liv (S05Ep04)

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


If only there was a panda costume I would have been there!

This week:
We follow self destructive Liv as she falls from one bad decision to another and has to live with the consequences. We get a better understanding of the final cast member we have only previously seen glimpses of – Matty.

Costume escape.
Relationship with little sister.
Franky “bing.”
Lost mother – how can a teenager make good choices when a parent can’t?
Alo’s declaration.

I found this episode quite disturbing – maybe that is a plus, because this show is designed to shock and think – this episode just pushed me way out of my comfort zone.
Mini lost ground with me.

The disturbing nature of this episode has made me hold off watching the next episode based around Nik (my second least favourite character).


Review – Skins (UK) – Mini (S05Ep03)

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

An insight into the compulsions and insecurities that make Mini the bitch that she is.

This week:
Mini is on the table and we get a bird’s eye look into her life. A fashion parade brings things to a head and Mini, for all her bravado and lies is afraid to have sex. We find out why.

Amazed that they got me to care about a character I really don’t like.
Good use of supporting cast (and characters we want to see more of).
Final scene with her mum.
Mini’s insecurities that are driving her life.
Mini’s make over.

Mini doesn’t look like someone who has that disorder.
Took a bit too long to care about Mini. Maybe if the end scene was brought forward a little it would have worked better.

Overall this was a solid episode – not as good as Rich, but still great. It avoided the forced humour of Season Three yet allowed us a window into the Queen Bee with a laugh or two.


Review – Skins – Rich (S05Ep02)

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I'm a Metal Head. That is what I am.

This week:
We follow metal head Richard in his attempt to ask out the “Angel of Death” – who happens to work in the library. Along the way he tests the strength of his beliefs, burn bridges, sees a side of Grace none of us expected and realises he can be himself without having to be someone else to do it.

Grace in the pub.
Grace at the gig.
Richard: Bring on the noise.
Allo’s ridiculous moral compass.
The way Richard interacted with his Dad.
Richard whimping out.
I adored the music (even though I hate death metal – I think that is what it was) every time he looked at someone, walked somewhere – really added to the feeling of the episode.

Only a little bit of Franky (I know, I know).
The golden record.

This was a nice flip side (see what I did there?) to Franky who was hiding her past, and trying hard not to be herself. While I loved last week’s episode, this was classic Skins, and I love this episode for that.


Review – Skins (UK) – Franky (S05Ep01)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Even covered in mud I am beautiful! (Franky would never say that though)

This week:
We meet a whole new group of young people making bad choices and trying to find themselves. The episode focuses on the gorgeously androgynous Franky as she transfers into Bristol after extreme bullying in Oxford. What follows is a beautiful exploration of the development of one’s self, friendships, heartache and the first glimmers of trust.

OMG Dakota Blue Richards who plays Frankie is incredible in looks and acting.
Nice intro to the other characters we will meet, both directly and indirectly.
Really looking forward to seeing how this season plays out.
Amazing empathy created very quickly for Franky.
Her dads – perfectly loveable and embarrassing!
Did high school cruelty so well.

Felt that Mini (the blonde girl) was over done and over played.
Not sure on the chase scene but it did instantly ruin any chance of an easy entrance at her new school.

One thing I have always loved about Skins is that is looks at the human condition, in a comical way that will still manage to leave you with your heart breaking and tears in your eyes as you get to know the characters. I have a guess on something that happened to Frankie, and I hope I am wrong, as it is going to be a tear jerker if I am right.