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Review – Breaking In – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, April 10th, 2011


We get paid to be bad... I'll allow it.

Cameron Price (Bret Harrison – V, Reaper, The Loop) has Uni all figured out. After hacking the computer system, he has made it his bitch. Along comes  Oz (Christian Slater) and his team at Contra Security (a company that is hired to put security to the test), and Cameron’s life will never be the same again.

This week:
Pilot so a lot of introductions and scene setting. Cameron has to steal an expensive car as his first case while getting constantly harassed about office birthdays and pranked as the newbie. What could possibly go wrong?

Boom goes the dynamite. Awesome pranking.
I’ll allow it.
Sky Mall.
Snappy dialogue.
Heaps of fun.
Good running gags that didn’t lose their impact.
Slater gets to continue his love of all things Star Trek.

A little stereotypical.
Lot of pressure on the case of the week scenario to keep it so engaging.

This was a remarkably enjoyable romp. I will certainly be continuing to catch this. It reminds me a little of Better Off Ted in its style and dialogue.


Review – Smallville – Fortune (S09Ep15)

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Seriously dude. I had to dress as a Vegas Dancer and you still make me take my shirt off?

This week:
The gang decide to have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. After some champagne to start them off, they wake up with no idea what happened, a la The Hangover.

Chloe + Oliver scene at the end.
The lucky monkey.

Where to start.
Not even close to an original idea.
Tess and Emile?
Emile as the new Elvis?
Seriously, Justin Hartly needs a new agent.
Been a while since Lois dressed stupidly, I guess we were due.

I freely admit I detested The Hangover, so this was never going to be an episode I liked. I felt it down played the relationships that were built up over the past few years, and did nothing to move the story forward. Where is Lionel? Where is Darkside?


Review – Smallville – Collateral (S10Ep12)

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Let's look serious - and.... GO!

This week:
We pick up shortly after the events of Carter Hall’s funeral. All is not as it seems. Chloe is back but can she be trusted? Jumping off buildings. Superman flying. Matrix moments. Suicide Squad.

Liked how the story developed – I wasn’t 100% sure which was it was going, so loved the clarification.
Chloe goes to Oli first.
80 feet up.
Lois’ face during the flight scene.
Unlikely alliances.
Oli’s speech to Chloe at the end.

Black Canary – I really don’t like this incarnation.
Cheese Black Canary lines.
No Chay-Ara.

While there were a few too many Matrix moments for me, I really enjoyed this episode. The scene towards the end with Clark and Lois flying was a real highlight. Only a few more episodes to go – already dreading the thought of no more Smallville. Even bad Smallville is better than no Smallville. The final date/flight has been announced and while some bloggers are relishing its end, others, like me, will be sad to see an old friend leave my screens.


Review – Smallville – Icarus

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Lois is very high maintenance for such an independent woman you know.

This week:
The VRA amps up branding all vigilantes as terrorists. Lois makes it difficult for Clark to ask an important. DarkSide pervades the population. Surprise! Colnel Tigh is back with an eyepatch on the same eye. Hawkman’s final flight. Cliffhanger.

Great to see Hawkman, StarGirl and Black Canary again.
Chloe touches us from the past by her knowledge of the future.
The VRA is scray.
These are dark times.
Moments of normality in a crazy world when our heroes get to be happy (but only briefly).
Chay-Ara’s helmet.

Kat turned too easy.
Did Black Canary even say a line?
Clark vs Slade (blink and you miss it).

This was a great little episode – of which the highlight was certainly Hawkman’s final flight. The imagery was great and on the plus side we won’t get Carter Hall exposition breaks any more… though who knows with how the episode finished off last week. Maybe we will see Chay-Ara… I would LOVE that.


Review – Smallville – Patriot

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Script meeting: So we have Oliver Queen without a shirt? "Actually sir, we have him without a shirt for most of the episode." Good, good. Any chance we can get Clark shirtless? "No sir, but we have AquaMan with his shirt off, AquaMan's wife naked and Lois with a lot of cleavage." Good work team!.

This week:
The Vigilante Registration Act goes live and it is under the command of Col Tigh. Seems the cylons survived after all! Oli signs up. AC knows his past, gets captured. Clark tries to save the day and Lois gets into the group. Lots of mushy stuff.

The Silver Age is about to begin.
Nice tie ins back to the old Lex days.
Lois fighting for her man.
Oli being a guinea pig.
Lovey dovey stuff.
Great to see AC again.

Clark’s speech at the end lacked the passion that Lois’ had.
Still doesn’t feel like a cohesive unit.
The Omega symbol… really?

This season certainly took a while to find his feet, but it is finally here. This episode had everything. Overall arc, minor character return, not one, but two super heroes shirtless, and a cylon.

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Review – Smallville – Abandoned

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Well of course I have krytonite in my blades. It is also in my breast implants.

This week:
Tess goes back to where it all began, and she had no clue what was coming (me either – nice twist!). Lois sticks her nose into Cal-El’s and Jor-El’s relationship in true Lois style. Clark gets his shirt off again. No Oli though shirtless this week (for a change) – in fact, no Oli.

Great backstory to Tess – especially after mini Lex told her how weak she was the other week.
Ohhh supervillan trio, huzzah!
DarkSide may be out of sight but is not forgotten.
Lois and her mum (nice HT to The Adventures of Lois and Clark by casting Terri Hatcher as her mum).
Tess’ real family.
Clark having some family time.

Super ninja girls with Kryptonite weapons – like you do.
Bit contrived – felt more cartoony that many episodes for a while.
No Oli.
I still think Granny Goodness is just a stupid arse name.

Overall this was a nice episode, that tied up some things and opened some new doors – it was all about threes. Lois, the General and her mum; Lois, Clark and Jor-El; Clark, Lois and his Dad; Clark, his Mum and his Dad; Tess, Granny and her real father and the Dark Trio. The only non-three was Clark and Tess – and as such I kept expecting Oli. I do look forward to our Dark Trio in coming weeks and hope Clark can stop moping around and step up. Even since Clark came out (so to speak) Lois has been the strong one in the relationship. A bit too fillerish and cartoony for me to truly love this ep, but still a nice little romp.

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Review – Smallville – Ambush

Monday, November 8th, 2010

This week:
Pappa Lane (The General) and Lucy Lana (conniving little sister) show up at the Kent Farm for Thanksgiving. Clark is tested. Lois is tested. Lucy is tricked. The Blur saves the day.

Was so sweet seeing Lois stand up for Clark.
Rick Flagg.
No Chloe in credits.

Wasn’t a whole lot going on… just a tad about the resistance.
No Lex.

Bit of a filler episode but still some very fun moments. I enjoyed watching it, but it hasn’t left much of a lasting impression. The ongoing theme of being ambushed was actually well done. That alone gets one of the two pandas awarded to this week’s amusing but forgettable episode.


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Review – Smallville – The Harvest

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

I didn't know shows still used this as a fade out for sex...

This week:

Lois revels in having her own superhero.
Clark continues to be over protective.
Someone spiked the coolaid (water).
Religious fervour.
Lois steps up.
Clark becomes uberer.
Lex will always be Lex.
It was great to see the banter between Lois & Clark.
Lois driving the solution.
Nice twist on the usual plot.
They finally had the s word.
Tess’ realisation and decision.
Some of the guest acting was a tad hokey.
Not sure about the new twist on Blue Kryptonite.
Part of the set looked way fake.
Overall this was a good episode the further explored the Lois &Clark dynamic, especially as the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. I really, really liked how Lois didn’t just give up, whereas Clark was defeatist – Lois never did. I have to say though, the fade out scene of the two hands entwined was so kitch – we have seen a lot more than that – anyone else remember Lex and his sex romps and murder?

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Review – Smallville – Isis (aka FINALLY)

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

We start the run to the end of Smallville with this kiss

This week:
Kat is back. Lois is possessed. Oli helps to save the day. Tess discovers unconditional love. Seeds are set!

Love the Tess arc at the moment – it is going to change the landscape!
Lois with a deep voice was kinda cool!
Clark and Oli – buddy cop! (or superheros I should say)
Green Arrow Girls!
The dialogue was good for Smallville.

Where to from here?
Still no Chloe.

At the end of this episode I actually said “Awwww” outloud. It was so cute – the expressions, the emotion – just Awwwww. It has taken 9.5 seasons but we are finally here. Now where to next?

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Review – Castle – The Mistress Always Spanks Twice (aka Castle Bondage)

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

This week:

Castle The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Yes, Mistress.

Random person finds a person dead. Only the dead person is in restraints and smothered in caramel in a playground. Beckett teases Castle mercilessly. Castle fantasises endlessly. Cheer leading.  Lots of time with Mistresses. Sexual tension. Red herrings. Solution.

Fillion’s protrayal of Castle was just delicious.
Esposito and Ryan buddy cops.
Banter was slightly predictable but highly enjoyable.

Felt staged (but that is to be expected).

At least with this bondage ep of a show I am not scrubbing the images out of my brain as I did with Smallville. It was done as tastefully (?) as you can without going for mass scene of people in leather hanging from the ceilings. This was a remarkably funny episode. Well worth catching it on repeat.