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Review – Person of Interest – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Yes, you are being watched so don't go out in ugg boots, m'ok?

Post 9/11 the world changed. We are all now watched by CC TV, and tracked in our day to day lives. What if the patterns of our day to day lives gave away more than just suspected terrorism plots?

Jim Caviezel (though apparently he calls himself James now).
Michael Emerson.
Interesting concept.
Nice fight scenes.
Leg shots!
Love the cutaways – very uncomfortable.

Writing didn’t really build suspense.
Found it hard to get into it till about 20 mins.
Had trouble being empathetic to the characters.
Not sure I like the whole “cop trying to find the truth” arc – been there done that a gazabillion times. Given the premise it could have been a lot more interesting and menacing.
Discussed but didn’t address the loss of human rights to gain “freedom.”
Think it is going to be very formulaic.
No female lead.

For a pilot, it wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t great. It told me what was happening, what to expect from week to in way of episodes. It is enough to have me coming back for a few more weeks to see what happens, but not convinced yet.


Review – Nikita – Girl’s Best Friend (S01Ep19)

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Damn it! How did I miss this terrorist? Division told me they are the ones in the shiny suits too!

This week:
The plan to get Alex out of Division hits a snag when she is called in for a “good” mission for Division. Teamed with his frenemy, Jaden, Alex’s mission involves a billionaire playboy armsdealer and a boingo boingo party. What could possibly go wrong?

LOVED the ended.
Jaden’s choices and her initiative.
Great opening scene.
Nice mission too – clever idea and implementionatoin.
Alex’s choice.
Michael and Nikita’s positions (not an euphemism).

Sorry Nikita, but white lycra leggings?
Jaden’s mission was a bit lame.
Michael using an unsecured cell phone in Division?
It was a little slow in the delivery.

Just when we think you actually can get the warm fuzzies, out they go with the bathwater. With everything that has been happening recently, I have no idea how they are going to round this season out, but I hope it involves Noah Bean. Can’t wait!


Review – Nikita – Covenant (S01Ep17)

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Not even a bruise and a beret can make me look bad.

This week:
OMG! We pick up right where we left off before the break with that OMG moment.  Michael blackmails Nikita. Nikita plays Gogle. Percy plays everyone.

The wrap up of Michael’s back story.
Michael and Nikita in the same room not trying to kill each other.
Cross and double cross.
Not too much fighting – very character driven episode.
Not too much Alex.
Percy and Michael.
Really fast paced.

Was totally sucked in and full on during the episode, but now thinking back there were only a few key parts to this episode.

This week’s adventure plus Nikita’s continuously strong season must surely guarantee that we will see her finally take down Division over the next few seasons. To not do so would be almost criminal.


Review – Nikita – Echoes (S01Ep16)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

She's coming... /yawn

This week:
We pick up straight where we left off last week. Amanda wants answers and with Percy’s blessing, she is taking advantage of Alex’s state. Nikita is putting together an exit package for Alex, and Michael is a dog with a bone. Much of this episode takes place in Alex’s subconscious.

Very interesting development of the Alex character.
Michael’s obsession.
Birkoff’s patronising manner.
Nice not to have a mission of the week to bust.
Who Alex was running from.

Amanda’s arc this episode.
Too soon for a confrontation as per the episode cliffhanger.
Not enough Nikita doing her thing.
What Alex wants is what all women want kind of feel.
So slow.
Painful editing.
The chase scenes weren’t well done.

While I was watching this episode I wasn’t quite sucked in, even if I was a bit frustrated with the delivery. I felt it limiting, but I understand it had to be shown to cast disparity on her current life and what her life would have been/could become. It also ups the ante for Nathan in coming episodes, however overall I found it very slow and if not for the last 30 seconds, it would have been a very low panda event.


Review – Nikita – Alexandra (S01Ep15)

Friday, February 25th, 2011

All this pollution will be yours one day, little Alexandra.

This week:
We get a bird’s eye view into Alex’s past and understand in more detail how she ended up in America, and why. Her past catches up to her while on a “date” mission for Division. Michael and Nikita both searching for her, team up to find her.

This episode was disturbing on a lot of levels.
Female exploitation, while stylised, was still well represented.
Lyndsy Fonseca proved her acting chops.
Michael and Nikita buddies again (for now).
Nikita as a towel girl.
Great hand to hand fight scenes.
Alex taking control – that scene brilliant.
The editing and writing. This episode was tight – and drove the tension ever forward.

Oh please? That scene with Amanda at the end is just a bit lame (though I understand it sets us up for the upcoming episode).

While not driving the overall arc of the season, or in that matter, the show forward, the development of Alex as well as a semi-truce between Michael and Nikita, was worth the price of admission for this week’s episode. Given Alex’s past, it does surprise me just how well she “copes.”

This was far and away one of the best episodes to date.


PS. Shedding for the Wedding – that is a TV show? Jeez they must be getting desperate for reality shows these days.

Review – Nikita – The Next Seduction (S01Ep14)

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Now I have taken off my ugly wig and dropped the fake accent, do you still think I am hot? Remember, I am holding the gun.

This week:
An old job from Nikita’s past get’s a revisit. Ryan and Nikita bond. Michael tries to cockblock Nathan. Gogol is sniffing around. Nikita reassesses her choices and advice.

Was very fun watching the Ryan and Nikita relationship developing.
The interactions between Alex and Nathan.
The switch in Nikita with Voss.
Michael’s annoyance that Nikita has had to interact with Voss again.
Ryan trying to stop the plane.
Switch and double cross.
More Noah Bean.

A few minutes of looping weren’t completed.
Nikita’s set up of Gogol was a bit lame and very fake. Are they that stupid they didn’t realise it was a trap?
Nikita in an short wig isn’t nearly as hot as she normally is

This episode took us on a journey into the world that Nikita managed to escape, more depth into the Michael and Nikita relationship as well as the fact there is still hope. Not sure what is happening with the Black Boxes, and Gogol seems a little inept. So while it was fun, it didn’t get us where we want to go in the overall arc, though the character development was interesting.


Review – Nikita – Coup de Grace (S01Ep13)

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

What? You don't think I can take down two highly trained and armed operatives with nothing but a dull Samurai Sword?

This week:
Alex has a big mission coming up. Nikita is going to foil it. Percy blusters. Michael is called in. Suspicions are raised.

Alex playing both sides.
Michael starting to sniff out the truth.

Why not just check Alex’s mobile phone location?
Nikita in a sword fight.
The case while a twist, wasn’t that interesting.
No empathy for the target and no real interest in the case at all actually.
What, they just climbed down off the roof? Please.

This episode lacked the depth of usual Nikita episodes, and was way too focused on nothing. It was still a distracting and enjoyable show, but left me feeling half full.


Review – Nikita – Free (S01Ep12)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

So, let me get this right - I am a smoking hot 19 year old, with this amazing wardrobe and you dress me in this hideous outfit? You know I can kill you with one hand right?

This week:
Alex gets her own place. Nikita and All-American CIA get their sneaky on. Michael beats people up. Percy gets annoyed and we get some awesome Alex backstory.

Noah Bean – need I say more?
Alex backstory – totally not what I was expecting.
Oh my golly gosh – Thad Luckinbill from Young and the Restless (so hope he doesn’t end up doing a Daniel – Nikita’s ex).
Hallway fighting.
Red herring.
Start of a REALLY good arc with our favourite agent.

Whomever is styling the Alex character needs to remember she is 19.
For all the training, I can’t believe Alex has no life skills (but then Division doesn’t know what we know).

When I saw the release last year that there was going to be a love interest for NIkita and making it more younger demographic friendly (CW’s core market of 18-35) I was worried – but if this is any indication – Nikita will remain the awesome, loner who looks like and kicks butt while doing it.

On a side note – Thad has had some work done – or the lighting on Nikita is a LOT better than Y&R. It is also odd to think they were a couple of Y&R and now they are a couple again in Nikita – well a potential couple.


Review – Nikita – All the Way (mid-season finale)

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Excuse me while I break out while chained to the ceiling. Thanks. Bubybe.

This week:
Alex takes the final step to becoming an Agent. Capture for Nikita is the only way out. Alex proves how far she is willing to go (All the Way). Flashbacks and home truths.

The suspense was pretty solid for most of this episode.
Good use of flashbacks to underline the themes.
Excellent acting.
Very strong development for all parties.
Michael protecting Alex.

The breakout scene by Nikita was pretty lame.
Now I have seen Pretty LIttle Liars and re-watched Season 1 of Vampire Diaries it is hard to look at the Inquisitor the same way. (HA – I just looked up the actress and it turns out she isn’t in Pretty Little Liars but too much plastic surgery will make all 40+ B actresses look the same.

Now I can usually tell what is going to happen in Nikita – but it isn’t overplayed so I don’t mind. This time round I got caught completely by surprise. People’s choices and how those decisions played out took me off guard. I said a while back just how manipulative and “Division”ish Alex was becoming, and I understand why she did what she did, but I was expecting a “two birds with one stone” outcome. Kudos to the writers for that. I was also pleased we haven’t seen goody two-shoes CIA agent Ryan Fletcher again yet. Now that comms are down and Alex is live the whole series is going to change. I can’t wait – but am going to have to, as no Nikita till after Christmas.


Review – Nikita – Dark Matter

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

You have no hard it is to look this good in a South American rain forrest!

This week:
An agency analyst gets too close and is being set up for a fall by Division thanks to Owen. Nikita and Owen work together in a mismatched alliance. Nikita vs Division and Nikita vs the CIA.

Always good to see Noah Bean in anything!
Fears averted re: this release re love interest.
Birkoff is given an opportunity to rise.
Percy is a pretty bad man – incase we were in doubt of that.
Alex gets her sneak on.
Cross and double cross.

Could still have love interest development but I can cope if it is Bean given his acting ability.
Everyone seems to be so trusting.
No one ever seems to have jet lag.

All in all a solid little ep with some decent development. Having an ally in the CIA is going to be very helpful for Nikita and it was great to see her team up with Owen… they are like oil and water but when they do gel they are totally kick arse – in more ways than one.