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Torchwood: Miracle Day – Season 4 Review

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Look at us looking all serious like.

It has been a year since Torchwood saved the world’s children and Jack is back. All the good characters are still dead, and since this season takes place a fair bit in America, it is clogged with plastic, unrealistic and unlikable characters. Anyway, a miracle happens and no one can die – except Jack. The Torchwood team must stay alive (Jack anyway) reform and hang out with annoying Americans to save the world from over population and self regulation. Sorry did you fall asleep? Yeah, I know.


Couple of little eggs re past episodes and Doctor Who.


OMG the new characters – horrendous!
Such overblown writing – this 10 episode “arc” would have barely covered three tightly written episodes.
Filled with inconsistencies and major plot contradictions (The Jack effect is the biggest one).
A pedophile to be edgy? Gay sex to be edgy? None of it drove the story or added any weight.
Broke against the whole premise of what Torchwood is about – Queen Victoria would be rolling in her werewolf grave!
Yawn fest.
Women were not favourably portrayed at all, not even Gwen this time.
Can I say how much more I disliked it?

I stuck with TMD because I had faith that somehow RTD would dig TMD out of its poo filled grave. It didn’t. The final scene was even worse – I was desperately hoping that a character would just sod off and die from week 1, let alone that person being tied to Torchwood now for possible future episodes.


Preview – Camelot – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

"I thought I was going to get laid, not have to deal with challenges," said Arthur, frustrated by his lack of action.

Starz, the US network is funding even more Brit drama. Camelot tells the story we all know so well. King Arthur, Merlin, Morgan, Camelot etc, but approaches it from a slightly different angle (apparently). Starting with the death of Uther Pendragon, we will follow Arthur from his birth as a green King, through to the Once and Future King.

This week:
Morgan commences her plan for power and ropes in an unlikely ally. Merlin picks Arthur out of obscurity and brings him to Camelot where Arthur faces a whole slew of problems and challenges he never thought to ask about before agreeing to be King.

Brilliantly styled. I cannot tell you how well the costumes are constructed.
Eva Green as nefarious Morgan.
Arthur is portrayed as very flawed.
It was an absolute joy to discover James Purefoy as King Lot.
The way magic is underplayed.
Speed. This episode covered a lot of ground, yet moved very fast and was tightly edited.
Killer cast.

Some of the dialogue was pretty awful – especially Merlin’s. I felt a little sorry for Joseph Fiennes having to deliver those lines.
I didn’t know boybangs were in fashion back in dark ages Britain.

I am a huge fan of the Legend of King Arthur so I was always going to watch this, but really enjoyed myself. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to wait till April for it to be released.


Review – Secret Diary of a Call Girl – (S04Ep01) Season Return

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Look how perfectly my hair falls. That is why I am expensive!

This week:
Belle/Hannah is back from her three week sex sojourn with the millionaire and moves into her new home. Ben is still in her mind, and is demanding attention. Things don’t go to plan when Stephanie gets arrested, and Belle gets intimate with the law.

Ben still looks good.
The house is divine! I can’t wait to see everything unpacked.

Felt very flat. Remember how disappointing the last season was? On par.
Where is Bambi?
Only one client.
Didn’t laugh once.
Has Billie Pipper gone overboard on the collagen or something?
Styling wasn’t as good as usual.

I was really hoping that this season would be a return to form, but it has lost it cheekiness. Belle’s to camera work is dull and doesn’t show much of that private insight it did in the first two seasons. Here is hoping it really picks up. After a woeful season three and a poor start to season four, you are on notice already SDOACC.