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Review – Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Look out! It is a Stonehenge Apocalypse!

During an Egyptian style tomb excavation, Stonehenge is “turned on,” and commences a count down to destroy the world as we know it. Only a radical fringe scientist can save the world from the real scientists stuck in their ways before more people, and the world is keeeled.

Seeing Stonehenge move was awesome.
The story was so bad it was hysterical.
Spot the Stargate franchise cast.
Oh it is an angel trying to save the world.

OMG the dialogue.
The lack of background cast. The SWAT assault is exactly what I am talking about here.
The special effects.
The military decision making.

This movie was recommended to me as a bad, oh so bad movie, and didn’t disappoint. It was atrocious. Awesomely atrocious.


Review – Bedlam – Cohabitants (S01Ep01) Series Premier

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Ok - as someone who sees ghosts this is going to suck. Who the heck builds condos in an old asylum?

Jed has recently checked himself out of a mental institution, where he voluntary placed himself due to his ability to see ghosts. Jed’s uncle is developing an old mental institution into sexy condos, where Kate and her flat mates currently live. What could possibly go wrong?

This week:
We meet Jed who assists ghosts in moving on and to stop them killing the living. Kate (his cousin) has received a ring for her birthday which was found in the walls of the institution. Kate’s flat mate is approaching the 12month anniversary of his brother’s death. Jed has to solve the mystery of who is haunting and why, while keeping everyone safe.

Nice concept.
Good mix of characters.
Strong dialogue.
Good haunting – special effects were well done and not over the top hollywoodesque.
I especially like the developing friendship between Jed and Kate’s male flat mate.
Intrigued about the phone.
Loved the start – I knew nothing going in other than it was set in a mental institution – so didn’t know which characters were stars etc. Totally didn’t expect what happened.
Editing of what is real and what is “seen” is very nicely done.

Some of the editing and camera shots felt a bit over done and clunky.
Uncle is a bit too much.

As I said, I knew nothing going in. I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t Supernatural as done by the Brits. It is much more character development driven around a small group, rather than Dean and Sam saving the world each week. This going to have a procedural “haunting of the week” feel to it as we get further in, but for now – whee! I was genuinely on the edge of my seat watching some of this and occasionally did the jump back with the ghost edits. I should say I am not much of a horror watcher. I generally have to watch a movie on DVD during the day and press pause a lot – so it doesn’t take much for me to scare the heebeejeebees out of myself. All in all a really strong start.

EDIT: After getting a fair amount of traffic to this post from a site about William Young, I thought I better find out who it is… turns out it is the guy who is playing my favourite character – Kate’s male room mate. It also turns out he is something of a pop star. I would never have guessed he wasn’t a full time actor.