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Review – The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
Maybe if we eat throughout the food we can stay awake

Maybe if we eat throughout we can stay awake

To say I was excited about The Hobbit would be a complete understatement. I followed all the pre-release info with bated breath. Imagine my disappointment to not being able to go and see it the instant it opened? (I was involved in a car vs cyclist incident) So I waited and waited. Avoided reviews, opinions and stayed true. I finally saw it in late January shortly before heading back to hospital for surgery. Urgh.

Nothing happens.

Was nice to see the familiar locations and style.
So many of the cast were actors I have enjoyed for years.

Does Jackson need a new island or something? Cuase there is NO reason to drag this out so badly.
The writing was so untidy. Yes The Lord of the Rings was long but it moved. The Hobbit was a rollicking fast adventure story, not a long drawn out battle with Hobbit Cancer.
Was absolutely unwatchable to someone who had a shorter attention span (due to injuries).
Filled with tosh – and not the good Tosh.0 either.

I gave up after about 50 mins or so – when Bilbo was about to go snatched by the Trolls.

Nothing happened. I remember a funny piece by The Onion about how the movie was 50 mins of Bilbo deciding what to pack. Yeah, that.

If I ever break my leg again and am high on pain killers I might give it another go, but for now, I’ll just wait for the third movie, then wait for it to come to TV, then possibly go out that night.






#OnePanda (but only because I loved LOTR so much).

Review – Stargate Universe – Seizure (S02Ep15)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

What do you get if you put two math geniuses in a room with chalk board walls? A lot of chalk dust!

This week:
Don’t try and be sneaky when friendly will work. Rush gets laid. Eli has to do something difficult. Stuff happened on another planet.

Least we saw a little bit of Gin.
Pleasant change of pace to see some classic McKay, even if he didn’t pull the answer out of his pants.

Yet another classic Stargate episode redux – and done not nearly as well.
Totally pointless sub-story on the planet.
Way too much Rush.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever. You would THINK that he would have been more careful about his language.
Telford – yawn.
Again, where did the Lucian Alliance crew members go?

I had heard that this episode was really good and had been set up nicely from last week’s dismal attempt at entertainment. I was disappointed. Saw nothing I hadn’t seen multiple times before, and this execution wasn’t good. The whole planet arc was a complete waste of time, did nothing to drive the story forward. I know some people will vehemently disagree with this review, but that is OK.


Review – Stargate Universe – Hope (S02Ep14)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Check it out! I found the Ancient Porn Database...

This week:
The most boring character in the show gets taken over by less boring characters. The geeks get their romance on. We discover what happened to Rush in Two Destinies, and TJ performs major surgery.

We got to see some Gin.
At least Volker got some lines and screen time – pity the arc sucked.

Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever.
Scott given the worst lines, well below his talent.
Way too much Chloe.
A very poor take on a Stargate classic story.

I just wanted this episode to end. The surgery aspect was just laughable. Yet more evidence why this show was, rightly, cancelled.


Review – Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Look out! It is a Stonehenge Apocalypse!

During an Egyptian style tomb excavation, Stonehenge is “turned on,” and commences a count down to destroy the world as we know it. Only a radical fringe scientist can save the world from the real scientists stuck in their ways before more people, and the world is keeeled.

Seeing Stonehenge move was awesome.
The story was so bad it was hysterical.
Spot the Stargate franchise cast.
Oh it is an angel trying to save the world.

OMG the dialogue.
The lack of background cast. The SWAT assault is exactly what I am talking about here.
The special effects.
The military decision making.

This movie was recommended to me as a bad, oh so bad movie, and didn’t disappoint. It was atrocious. Awesomely atrocious.


Review – Stargate Universe – Alliances (S02Ep13)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

No matter how many times I almost die (and even when I do), you can't kill me!

This week:
Greer and Camille head back to Earth while a Senator and a scientist board Destiny. Earth comes under attack. Yes it was as exciting as that sounded.

Finally some Greer development but we barely touched the surface.
Always fun to have French Stewart on my screen.
Even cooler when you remember French Stewart was in the original Stargate movie.
Varro finally got some lines and screen time.

Oh dear god this was such a pointless episode,
The sets were terrible.
Looked like it had a budget of $350.
Dull story.
I thought it was going to be some Lucian Alliance onboard Destiny thing – how wrong was I?

This is why this show was cancelled. It was a long way South of average, but still better than Cloverdale.


Review – Stargate Universe – Twin Destinies (S02Ep12)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

That is one Destiny down, one to go.

This week:
Mathboy finds a way to dial out using the power of a star. Rush thinks it is too dangerous and against the mission of Destiny. Telford wants to go home and uses any and all means of persuasion.

It wasn’t the worst episode.
I did like the multiple timelines.
Elli’s weighty guilt.

One of the things I used to like was the grey – the leads are so one dimensional now.
We still have to watch Telford.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Umm what happened to that whole Lucian Alliance thing? Is Varro the only one left?

It wasn’t terrible, it was just average. There could have been so much more (as I find myself saying a lot with this show) but it just failed to deliver.


Review – Stargate Universe – Deliverance (S02Ep11) (mid season return)

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Screen time doesn't equal character development.

This week:
We are back! Things pick up right where we left our depressed anti-heroes, in a pickle. Mega-Chloe’s call for help is answered, and Destiny now has another set of problems to deal with. The drones are taking a toll, there is a suicide run and only Faux-McKay can save them.

It certainly wasn’t as bad as some of the preceding episodes.
Some funny moments when they are working with the drone.
Nice to see our blue alien friends again.
At least the amusing Patrick Gilmore got some screen time.
The always engaging Jen Spence finally got some story but there was no explanation as to her anxiousness.

It was a very “McKay” solution to their problem.
The only thing that made Chloe interesting has gone.
Colonel  Young, worst leader ever?
Telford is still under-utilised  and a waste of space.
Blink and you miss TJ.

This episode wasn’t bad, it was just average. I was quite disappointed to see there was a real lack of depth to this episode. They didn’t have to wrap everything neatly up in 40 minutes, and as such, the more interesting characters got passed over. The whole resolution really frustrated me, as that was my main beef with Stargate Atlantis.


Review – Battlestar Galatica – Season Two

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

And the bar of great scifi changes forever in Season Two during my favourite episode - Downloaded

This season follows our merry band of anti-heroes for the next 7 months (plus a year’s jump at the end of the season). This season also explores the Cylon perspective in more detail, changing the face of the show and taking the questioning of humanity to a whole new level.

Helo finally gets off Caprica.
Sharon replaces the whiny Boomer.
Cmdr Adama goes from one setting (hard) to two settings (hard and soft).
Kara gets her man.
Nice long season.
Up close and personal with the Cylons.
Admiral Cain.
Lee Adama’s development.
The journey to Hell is paved with good intentions that are quickly forgotten.
Minor characters move to the front.

Not nearly enough Leoben.
We get filler eps.
Billy goes bubbye.
Roslin getting her Mysticism on.
Lee Adama getting yet another promotion.
Madame Air Lock.
Roslin stealing the election.

Knowing as I do, what is coming, it is amazing how many things are mentioned, even telegraphed in this season. At the time of first viewing, of course, I was caught up in the journey. This time, yes the journey is highly engaging, but this time I can see the big picture.  Makes me realise just how much of a mishmash Lost was. You can see point after point that relates to where this is going, they knew.


Review – Battlestar Galatica – Season One

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Humanity, its gifts and curses are explored in Flesh and Bone, my second favourite episode of Season One.

13 episodes that I have seen many a time before – they used to play almost continuously on SciFi mixed with SG1 back after SciFi first went live here on Cable in Australia. That being said, I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

Follows the first 30 or so days after The Fall, with our “rag tag fleet/band of heroes” fleeing the Cylons. In case you didn’t know, they have a plan! The annihilation of humanity. The questions of God and humanity are explored in more depth in Season One, but we are only just beginning to scratch the surface, while our 50,000 odd humans try and find “Earth.”

Leoben. He was always my favourite Cylon.
Whiny Sharon stops being centre stage finally!
Lee develops as a highly conflicted goody two shoes.
Minor characters begin to be fleshed out.
Space physics.
The tech.
Zarek and the first hat tip.
Starbuck character redesign.
I had totally forgotten the homoerotic hero-worship that Gaeta had for Baltar.

My favourite characters (mostly minor characters in Season One don’t get a lot of air time).
Damn Roslin was annoying! I really disliked her from mid-Season Two on, but I dislike her already!
Cmdr Adama has one setting in Season One.
Not enough Cylon megalomania.

As I mentioned, I had seen this season so many times, usually out of order after the first airing, so it was brilliant to run it through. The Tighs are still my least favourite characters, with Ellen the #1 on my hit list. I must admit was fun to watch this after watching The Plan, as I mentally filled in a lot of the blanks.

Still really holds it own (including the CGI), even if its approach, style and gritty drama have been over emulated time and time again. Watching this makes me realise just how soft SGU and even Caprica was in comparison.


Review – Battlestar Galatica – Pilot/Mini-Series

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

When did space capes stop being cool?

Some 40ish years after the first Cylon wars, the Cylons return from their new home with vengeance on their mind. The colonists have no idea what hits them. This is essentially the brief lead up to the first day following the “fall.” Questions of faith, humanity, belief and right and wrong are asked that we spend the next 80 odd hours answering.

God gods – I had forgotten so much which meant I got sucked in totally again!
Jamie Bamber was so young! Almost as young as when he was in Hornblower!
I had totally forgotten the early animosity of Apollo and Adama and that Tigh was a drunkard!
Damn, those reduxed cylons were sharply designed!
The well played out deceptions (and there were a lot of them).

What is it about space robots with maniacal plans than make them overly dramatic and need to compensate?

Just how amoral Baltar was.
Lots of pew pew pew.
Really sharp editing.
The line from Adama to Leoben that man didn’t give the cylons a soul – so much more meaning after watching Caprica.

I had forgotten just how grainy it was.
Was Roslin always that annoying? I know I didn’t like her when she got all mystical, but I don’t remember disliking her so early.

It was great to go back and watch this – it must have been 6 years since I last watched it. It was interesting to see how much of the style has been adopted, especially the camera work, into TV and movies now to make it “gritty.” Still brilliant after all these years. Bring on Season One again!